Best Workout Classes to Break a Sweat

Have you lost motivation when it comes to working out? Maybe the problem is that you’re bored with the same old routine. Don’t worry, we’ve got the antidote! Check out these alternative workout classes that will help you break a sweat without ever feeling tedious.

  • Spin classes offer cycling with no bike or training required! These high intensity, cardio workouts use an indoor cycling machine known as a spin bike and are often accompanied by music that will really get your heart pumping. The atmosphere in a spin class is fun and the setting is designed to be enjoyable, incorporating music and colorful disco lights in an air-conditioned studio. Spinning can help improve your cardiovascular health and build strength because it’s a full-body workout that targets major muscle groups. You probably won’t get bored with your spin classes, but just in case you do, there’s a water-based alternative as well!
  • Aerial yoga takes yoga off the ground. Also known as anti-gravity yoga, this practice uses a hammock suspended from the ceiling and incorporates aspects of yoga, Pilates, gymnastics, and more. By maintaining a range of motion while maneuvering through your yoga poses, you’ll improve your flexibility as you work out your core muscles. As an added bonus, your traditional yoga class will probably seem like a breeze once you’ve learned to do the poses in the air!
  • Trampoline fitness offers a full-body workout. High-intensity and low-impact, this activity uses a mini-trampoline and sometimes resistance bands or weights. Once you’ve had a few classes, you can even engage in trampoline fitness routines at home, with a mini trampoline and some good workout tunes.
  • Barre classes offer low-impact workouts with great results. These classes have gained traction in recent years, offering full body workouts inspired by ballet, Pilates and aerobics. As you’d expect from the name, they incorporate a ballet barre to support movements, and they rely on isometric movements that flex specific muscles at a time. By focusing on strengthening your muscles, you’ll improve your posture and overall functional fitness.
  • Pole fitness is more than an exotic activity. In fact, it’s a full body workout that involves lifting your own body weight while climbing a vertical pole. You’ll gain strength and flexibility as well as improving coordination and balance, and you’ll have fun doing it!

Of course, before you start any new activity, check with your physician to make sure it’s the right choice for you. When you’re trying to reach your fitness goals, though, remember that a supportive environment can enhance the experience. At the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs, we offer world-class training that keeps up-to-date with the latest in health and wellness. At our clubs, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team before you’re challenged and motivated by top-notch instructors in our fitness classes. You’ll make new friends because you belong here. Join today or contact us to learn more.