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Home workouts from
our studio instructors…

Barre Workout with Jen Markus

30 minute class. Led by our very own Jen Markus.

Low Impact Workout with Junko Kazukawa

40 minute low impact class. Led by Junko Kazukawa.

Stay In Your Routine – This Week’s Recommended Workouts

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Equipment Needs? Weights ideal, but can also use soup cans, water bottles, weighted backpack, broomstick… get creative!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started with BODYPUMP #02
-Experienced: BODYPUMP Remix #04 Rhythm & Bass
-Express (30 minutes or less): BODYPUMP #111 Upper Body Short

Fight Club

Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYCOMBAT #02
-Experienced: BODYCOMBAT Remix #02 Combat Power
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): BODYCOMBAT #81 Intense

Extreme Fitness

Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With Les Mills GRIT #02 Cardio
-Experienced: BODYATTACK #01 Make You Sweat
-Express (30 minutes or less): Les Mills GRIT #28 Athletic


Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With SH’BAM #02
-Experienced: SH’BAM Remix #04 Hip Hop
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): Les Mills Barre #02 30-minutes

Step Aerobics

Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYSTEP#02
-Experienced: BODYSTEP Remix #03 Step to the Party
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): BODYSTEP #115 30 Min


Equipment Needs? Resistance tube and 1 weighted object.

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With CXWORX #02
-Experienced: CXWORX #35 Ab Blast
-Express (30 min. or less): All CXWORX Workouts 30 minutes!


Equipment Needs? Indoor cycle bike or bike trainer.

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With RPM #02
-Experienced: The Trip #18
-Express (30 minutes or less): Les Mills SPRINT #12


LaBlast Dance Fitness

Ballroom Dance, Partner-free
and Family Fun

1) Click:
2) Scroll down and find the date and time that works for you: 10:30AM MDT Monday-Friday
3) Enter your name and email address, then Register
4) At class start time, join the webinar from the web browser or confirmation email
5) Dance like no one’s watching, because you’re at home and no one is around to judge!

After your workout, share a sweaty selfie on social media with Hashtags #staystrong #stayfit #together #virtual fitness #socialdistance to showcase your moves and keep the world dancing.

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No Equipment? No Problem!

Keen to exercise at home but don’t have all the right fitness gear? Don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back! Les Mills Creative Director Kylie Gates shows you how you can improvise with equipment you have around the house.

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Member Testimonials

“I have enjoyed using Les Mills On Demand to keep myself in shape during these quarantine days. I try to use cardio classes and stretching. There are so many offered at all levels, that I have experimented with different classes. I look forward to working out with these every day.” – Pamela Hansen

“My 8 year old daughter and I absolutely love the Les Mills house, hip hop, and club dance videos. They are so much fun, challenging for our brains, and they really get us sweating right here in our living room!” – Nicole Ondatje

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