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Live Virtual Classes

  • LIVE stream studio fitness, yoga, pilates & cycle classes
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Why Live Studio Fitness?

Nothing beats face-to-face human interaction, but we recognize some may not be able to come into the club just yet. If we can’t be with you in person, we can be with you in spirit and virtually – still encouraging, driving and inspiring active lifestyles like nobody’s business.

Do I need equipment?

Depending on the format, some equipment may be needed, but we can help you get creative with items you have around the house. Need weights? How about soup cans or a weighted backpack. Don’t have yoga props? A towel and pillows work great. Our instructors will give lots of options to make it work.

Home workouts from
our studio instructors…

Studio Fitness

Barre Workout with Jen Markus

30 minute class. Led by our very own Jen Markus.

Low Impact Workout with Junko Kazukawa

40 minute low impact class. Led by Junko Kazukawa.

Mind & Body

Yoga Sculpt with Jen Markus

40 minute class.

Yoga Power Flow with Lauren Lewis

60 minute yoga power flow.

Low Impact video Schema –

Pilates Mat with Heather Stevens

38 minute Pilates mat class.

Yoga Stretch with Heather Stevens

48 minute yoga flow, whole body workout.

Low Impact video Schema –

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