virtual fitness club

Introducing Our Virtual Club

The perfect way to show stir crazy who’s boss.

The Virtual Club – or the ‘Virt Club’ we’ve got used to calling it, is definitely not as good as being within our 4 club walls; however, we’ve put some time into making it a close second.  With Les Mills On Demand classes, filmed content from our instructors, Personal Training exercises of the week, recommend Apps- both general fitness and yoga, equipment resources, family activities, and more, we truly have something for everyone to stay active at home.

Studio Fitness

If you’re looking for an energetic studio class, Studio Fitness is for you!  Sign Up for free access to Les Mills On Demand to access over 800 studio classes full of energy. Some of our favorites are BODYPUMP (Strength), BODYCOMBAT (Kickboxing), GRIT (HIT), and BODYSTEP (step).  There are also hybrid classes that fuse multiple classes into one 30-60 minute class.  No equipment?  No problem.  We also have home equipment ideas and solutions for you!


Prefer to start with yoga/pilates?   Then our Mind-Body page is for you.  Just like in Studio Fitness, Les Mills On Demand has Mind-Body classes that include the pilates/yoga fusion BODYFLOW and more traditional Yoga and Meditation options.  Need something a bit gentler? Then check out the two classes by one of our Colorado Athletic Club instructors, Heather Stevens-  Yoga Stretch and Pilates Mat.  We also found the coolest App – that allows you to customize your own Yoga class.

Personal Training

Do you prefer more of a circuit style workout on your own?  Then our Personal Training page is for you!  Check out our ‘Exercise of the Week’ created by one of our Personal Trainers. Or, check out the Wellbridge Workout Tracker powered by Matrix with over 400 instructional videos, some including equipment, some requiring only bodyweight, a “build your own workout” system, so you can track and record your workouts on your own, as well connect your other tracking apps to this device, so you have all your results in one place!


Kids stuck at home and need to move?  Our Family page is what you need.  ‘Born to Move’ fitness classes for kids ages 4-16 years old that include fun hip music and moves that will keep your kids sweating and smiling.  Also, we have activities for the whole family to keep you busy!

And the best part?  All of this content is updated weekly, so you can be a frequent visitor and learn something new every time. We’ve even put together a weekly schedule to give you plenty options Monday through Sunday

Ultimately, however, you choose to keep moving at home is good with us, we just care that you keep moving! If you need support or motivation, our pros are here for you.

Get Moving at the Virtual Club