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Virtual Club

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Not quite the same as being in the Club,
but it is better than Netflix.

Until you can get back to the club, we’re bringing it to you.
Get your pump on or feel centered.

Get after it by yourself or include the entire family.
We’re talking hundreds of virtual classes with the top fitness professionals.

Keep your routine without it feeling routine.

Studio fitness

Studio Fitness | Mind Body

Studio Fitness | Mind Body

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Studio Fitness Classes with Seasoned Instructors

Wellbridge is proud to offer online fitness classes led by experienced instructors. With our easy-to-use app, you can access nearly any kind of workout. Our members have the chance to livestream yoga, Pilates, cycling classes and much more. Not sure if our studio classes are your cup of tea? Check out some examples of our home workouts. Try out barre workouts, low-impact sessions and yoga all from your very own living room.

Talk to a Certified Personal Trainer Online

A personal trainer can help turn your lofty fitness goals into reality. However, you don’t have to meet in person for a trainer’s advice to be effective. Talk to the team at Wellbridge about scheduling sessions with an online personal trainer. You can choose to set times for one-on-one sessions or schedule a small group training session with some friends. In addition to exercise education, you’ll also receive general nutrition advice from your certified personal trainer.

Take Advantage of Live Virtual Fitness

Perhaps you enjoy a good home workout but miss the human connection of going to the fitness club. If this is the case for you, try live studio fitness with Wellbridge. Participants rarely need equipment, and our instructors make adapting workouts easy. Our live online fitness classes allow you the chance to exercise from the comfort of your home while still enjoying encouragement and motivation from our friendly team.

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Les Mills

Enjoy Les Mills On Demand* with an
exclusive member only rate of $9.99/month

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*Please note the following :

  • If you have previously used our complimentary Les Mills On Demand Service, the 30 days free does not apply.
  • Log in with your previously used credentials.  The only change will be the request for your billing information.
  • Service is on a month-to-month basis charged at the beginning of each month through Les Mills.
  • Must be a member to receive exclusive rate.

Bodypump Les Mills Grit


Equipment Needs? Weights ideal, but can also use soup cans, water bottles, weighted backpack, broomstick… get creative!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started with BODYPUMP #01
-Experienced: BODYPUMP #112 55 minutes
-Express (30 minutes or less): HYBRID Workout Glutes #02


Fight Club

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYCOMBAT #01
-Experienced: BODYCOMBAT #80 55 minutes
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): BODYCOMBAT #80

Les Mills Grit Body Attack

Extreme Fitness

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started with GRIT #01
-Experienced: GRIT #29 Cardio
-Express (30 minutes or less): HYBRID WORKOUT Heart Health

Sh'bam Les Mills Barre


Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started with SH’BAM #02
-Experienced: SH’BAM #37 45 minutes
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): Les Mills House #01

LesMills bodystep

Step Aerobics

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYSTEP#01
-Experienced: BODYSTEP Remix #015  55-minutes
-Express (30 Minutes or Less): BODYSTEP #106 Athletic

LesMills Born to Move

Kids and Family

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

Ages 4-5: BORN TO MOVE #17 (4-5) Welcome to BTM
Ages 6-7: BORN TO MOVE #16 (6-7) Like a Butterfly
Ages 8-12: BORN TO MOVE #18 (8-12) This is Me
Ages 13-16: BORN TO MOVE #18 (13-16) Live Another Day

Les Mills CXworx


Equipment Needs? Resistance tube and 1 weighted object.

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With CXWORX #02
-Experienced: CXWORX Remix #02
-Express (30 min. or less): All CXWORX Workouts 30 minutes!

LesMills Sprint RPM The Trip


Equipment Needs? Indoor cycle bike or bike trainer.

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With RPM #01
-Experienced: RPM SPecial Edition #01
-Express (30 minutes or less): Les Mills Sprint #16

Mind and Body classes

Traditional Yoga
and Meditation

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Les Mills MINDFULNESS Body Scan 1 15 minutes
-Experienced: Yoga #01 Vinyasa
-Express (15 Minutes or Less): MEDITATION #02 Body Scan

LesMills Bodyflow

Pilates-Yoga Fusion

Equipment Needs? None!

Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYFLOW  #01
-Experienced: BODYFLOW #87 55 Min
-Express (15 Minutes or Less): BODYFLOW #87 Strength