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  • A concerned public needs more information on reasons for COVID restrictions

    Data indicates gyms, restaurants are not especially risky. By Ross M. Kedl – via Read here

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  • Medical & Fitness Experts: Gyms Are Crucial to Fight COVID-19

    The physical, mental, and emotional damage from the pandemic is increasing nationwide. Experts are pushing data and facts to keep gyms open as part of...

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  • Fitness promoted as COVID-19 defense

    Kimbers Cadieux never particularly enjoyed working out — “if left to my own devices, I wouldn’t do it,” she said. But the 64-year-old cancer survivor...

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  • In the Age of COVID, Fitness Centers are Part of the Solution to a Healthier Colorado

    Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming election, people are tuning in to the news to hear the latest numbers on both, yet when it...

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  • The Benefits of a Daily Workout

    You know exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, but do you know why? Experts recommend people get, on average, about 150 minutes of exercise...

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