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  • What is high-intensity training (H.I.T.)?

    What is high-intensity training and how does it work? –Dana H. High-intensity training is a fusion of sports performance training and bootcamp. The sports performance...

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  • Tips to Stay Cool While Exercising Outdoors

    by Chris Chavez, Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Summer brings a lot of sunshine and great opportunities for exercising outdoors including running, cycling, swimming, pick-up games...

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  • Outdoor Workouts for Summer

    by Jeremy Jaramillo, Certified Personal Trainer When you think of summer fun, ideas like firing up the grill and relaxing poolside in the backyard probably...

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  • Know Your Testosterone Numbers

    by Van Becker, M.A., Certified Personal Trainer It’s only natural for testosterone levels to decline with age. Testosterone, perhaps the most important male hormone, is...

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  • Exercise and Cancer

    by Hope Stafford, Certified Personal Trainer When you think about keeping your body healthy, exercise is one of the best ways to maintain proper function....

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