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  • Functional Training: More Than a Fitness Buzzword

    “Functional Training” is a big buzzword in the fitness world, but what does it actually mean? Functional exercises promote strength, coordination and injury prevention within...

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  • Creating and Maintaining a Fitness New Year’s Resolution

    If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier this year, you’re not alone. Plenty of people start the year eager to achieve weight...

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  • 5 Steps to Create A Smart Exercise Plan That Gets You to the Finish Line

    5 Steps to Create A Smart Exercise Plan That Gets You to the Finish Line See if this sounds familiar: you’re a dedicated member of...

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  • Why Are So Many Gyms Overcrowded?

    Why Are So Many Gyms Overcrowded? The Volume-Based Business Model of a Cheap Gym Low-cost gym memberships sound appealing, but there are many common pitfalls...

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  • What is high-intensity training (H.I.T.)?

    What is high-intensity training and how does it work? –Dana H. High-intensity training is a fusion of sports performance training and bootcamp. The sports performance...

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