guy and son doing pushups

8 Tips for Staying Active with Your Family

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and certainly a habit we as parents want to establish for our kids. The best way to accomplish this goal, make exercise a family affair. We have some easy tips and suggestions for keeping your whole family active.

  • Make an appointment to exercise together. Treat your family exercise just like any other necessary appointment and write it into your schedule. Maybe it’s a walk together after dinner each evening or rollerblading at the park on the weekend. Whatever the activity, if it’s on the calendar, it’s more likely to happen.
  • Take a workout break. Many of us are working and schooling from home right now. If that’s you, make the most of all that togetherness and use your breaks to squeeze in some exercise.
  • Set goals together. Maybe there’s a 5k you can participate in as a family, and you can use that training as motivation. Perhaps you just want to work up to 150 minutes of exercise each week. Find some goal you want to accomplish and make a plan to do it together.
  • Get competitive. A little friendly competition is a great way to get your family moving. Who can shoot the most hoops? Who can win a foot race? Set up an obstacle course in the backyard and time your family members completing it.
  • Bring your furry friend along. A dog is a great walking or running buddy and will love it if you and the family take him along.
  • Do some useful exercise. Work in the garden, clean out the garage or do some other active chores together. You’ll improve your home and yard while improving your health.
  • Make exercise the family’s go-to”. Instead of heading straight for movie night on the couch or a board game around the kitchen table, go outside and get in some active play together during family time.
  • Don’t give in to excuses. If the weather’s bad, have a dance party or play an active video game. If you’re stressed out, use exercise to alleviate the stress. You don’t need special gear or clothes to exercise as a family, just some supportive shoes and comfortable clothes that allow for movement. Commit to staying active together, and don’t let anything stop you.

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