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What Sets the Colorado Athletic Club Tabor Center Apart

Healthcare professionals are always preaching the importance of exercise. However, it can be very difficult for those of us with busy days to get in a good workout. Whether you plan to exercise for two hours or can only swing about 15 minutes on the treadmill, Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center is here for you. Our club is more than just your everyday workout club—it is an experience. Our facilities feature a range of equipment and amenities, as well as plenty of group classes where you can meet new, like-minded people. Learn more about the benefits of joining our Denver, CO athletic club.

Gain Access to Pro Workout Equipment

While you can get an incredible workout with just your body weight, exercise equipment can enhance your workout routine and keep you from falling into a rut. At Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center, we’re excited to offer a full-service health club equipped with lots of exercise machines. You can spend time working on endurance on the treadmill or elliptical, or switch gears and take a seat on one of our strength-building machines. Be sure to ask our team for help using equipment for the first time.


Enhance Your Experience with These Amenities

In addition to standard workout equipment, we’re glad to provide our members with top-tier amenities you won’t find at your average athletic club. When you join Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center, you’ll have access to all the following amenities and more:

  • Indoor saline pool
  • Steam room and sauna
  • Full-size executive locker rooms
  • Showers
  • Patio overlooking 16th Street Mall
  • Towel service

An All-Inclusive Membership

Beyond workout equipment and large group fitness classes, Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center has lots to offer members of all skill levels. Whether you’re taking the first steps toward physical health or have been coming to our athletic club for a while, we’re proud to offer you the ideal athletic club experience. Make the most of your all-inclusive membership with the following perks:

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Grow Your Social Circle

Making friends as an adult is tough! But when you become a part of the Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center community, you’ll be exposed to new people and experiences every day. Many of our members make friends with other participants in their fitness classes or get to know the people that follow the same workout schedule. There are plenty of chances to make friends for life at our athletic club. You’ll meet lots of new faces when you join one of these group workout classes:

  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Spin classes
  • Pilates
  • Cardio sessions
  • Zumba

Three Top-Tier Fitness Studios

The team at Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center aims to bring our members an all-inclusive fitness experience. You won’t need to drive around looking for a place for yoga, then walk across the street to get a good arm and chest workout. We have it all right here! Take advantage of these three outstanding studios:

  • Yoga Studio: Yoga comes in lots of varieties, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one! Our yoga instructors will guide you through challenging poses and help keep you motivated throughout the process.
  • Group Fitness Studio: Perhaps working out alone isn’t for you. Being a part of our group exercise studio is a great way to stay motivated and be held accountable for your goals.
  • Stationary Bike Studio: If you love a good spin class, experience our stationary bike studio. This state-of-the-art space hosts endurance and choreographed rides.

Ready to Become a Member?

Membership at Colorado Athletic Club-Tabor Center includes a slew of amenities, fitness classes and much more. No matter your physical health needs, we’re excited to meet you and make our facilities work for you. We can point you to our favorite workout machines or connect you with our online personal training services. Get in touch with us to learn more about joining.