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  • Bonus – General nutrition guidance and an online community

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At home workouts from
our studio instructors…

Yoga Sculpt with Jen Markus

40 minute class.

Yoga Power Flow with Lauren Lewis

60 minute yoga power flow.

Pilates Mat with Heather Stevens

38 minute Pilates mat class.

Barre Workout with Jen Markus

30 minute class. Led by our very own Jen Markus.

Yoga Stretch with Heather Stevens

48 minute yoga flow, whole body workout.

Stay In Your Routine – This Week’s Recommended Workouts

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Traditional Yoga
and Meditation

Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Les Mills MINDFULNESS Mindfulness Boxing Thoughts
-Experienced: Yoga #01 Vinyasa
-Express (15 Minutes or Less): MEDITATION #02 Body Scan



Pilates-Yoga Fusion

Equipment Needs? None!

This Week’s Recommended Workout:

-First-timers: Getting Started With BODYFLOW #02 Flexibility
-Experienced: BODYFLOW #84 55 Min
-Express (15 Minutes or Less): BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #05

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Yoga Direct is your one-stop-shop for yoga goods. Receive 12% off orders exceeding $35 by using discount code: Wellbridge

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Recommended Equipment

Yoga Mat – This mat is super sticky and extra thick at over 6mm. It is a favorite among students and teachers alike.

Yoga Block – These foam blocks are made of high quality and super dense foam. They’re built to not only last, but cushion you during your favorite hip openers, bridges, and more!

Yoga Strap – The D-ring closures are easy to use and secure — supporting dozens of yoga postures without slipping, breaking, or bending.

Bolster – Restorative yoga has a new best friend! Microfiber Bolsters have the softest covers yet.

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