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Membership Upgrade Request

We’re so happy you want to share the club with a family member or add an amenity to your membership. We are using Docusign to efficiently gather your information as well as provide appropriate rates to confirm the updated agreement.

We appreciate your patience and confidence making these changes electronically. We look forward to giving you next level service!

*If you want to add a third adult (age 21+) to the account, we are unable to do that through this upgrade process. Contact the club directly and they can assist.

Please note: We are unable to implement requested account changes until you digitally sign the final document that was sent to you.

Submission & Response Expectation

Thank you for following all steps noted below. Your membership will be upgraded upon your final signature in Step #5.

1. Click on the blue button below – “Request Your Upgrade Now.” This will take you to PowerForm Signer Info, a service of DocuSign.

2. On the PowerForm page, enter your name and email in all required boxes.

3. Once in DocuSign, please complete the top section and click “finish”.

4. From here, Membership Accounting will fill in appropriate rates in the gray section and send it back for your review and signature.

5. Watch for an email from DocuSign, review the information updated in gray and electronically sign. Once signed, your membership upgrade will be effective within one business day.

*Your membership account must be in good financial standing with no unpaid balances. We are unable to implement requested account changes until your approved Docusign comes back to us.

Request Your Upgrade Now