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Leave of Absence Request

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Membership Leave of Absence Request

The following form should only be filled out if all active members on your account are requesting a leave of absence. If you are looking to change your membership type (example: upgrade to a dual or family, downgrade to an individual or remove an amenity or service), please visit your club for assistance.

Submission & Response Expectation

Upon agreement to the terms and submission of this form, you will receive an automated email response as your confirmation of your leave of absence request. If your submission does not comply with your membership agreement requirements, we will email you with the subject “Membership leave of absence follow up,” and provide information needed to complete your request. In this case, your membership will remain active until you have fulfilled your obligations.

If you do not receive an e-mail with the above subject line, you have completed the leave of absence requirements.

Leave of Absence Requirements

A member may put their membership on Leave of Absence/Hold (LOA) for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months. Written requests must be submitted and verified by the last day of the month for the leave to be effective for the following month. Any requests received after the last day of the month will take effect on the first day of the upcoming month (e.g. February 28 submission will be a March 1 LOA. March 1 submission will be an April 1 LOA). A Leave of Absence will not be made retroactive.

The member account must be in good financial standing and any outstanding balances must be paid before the account will be put on hold.


Monthly locker fees will be charged during Leave of Absence.

12 Month Membership Agreement

If you are enrolled in an annual (12 month) membership, the number of months you are on leave will be added to your membership agreement length.  If you have already fulfilled your 12 month agreement and rolled into a month-to-month agreement, your leave does not impact your membership length.

The membership will automatically reinstate and full dues will be assessed on the 1st day of the month upon expiration of this Leave of Absence.

Leave of Absence may not be honored until request has been verified that all terms and conditions have been satisfied.

Using the Club During Leave of Absence

Club use during a Leave of Absence will reinstate the membership and a prorated amount of current months dues will be charged.


A charge of $20 will be applied to your account each month your membership is on hold. A $0 leave of absence is available for medical or military reasons when proper documentation is provided.

Membership Cancellation

Memberships can not be cancelled while on leave of absence. If the primary account holder chooses to cancel their membership while on a Leave of Absence, the membership will be reinstated for 1 full month and the cancellation terms per your agreement take effect.

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