The Importance of Warming Up Before a Workout

Especially if you have limited time for your workout, you may be tempted to skip the warmup and cooldown. Don’t do it! Warming up and cooling down are important parts of your workout, because they help reduce stress on your muscles, including your heart.

When you take the time to warm up before a workout, you’re preparing your body for increased activity. Warmups gradually raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to your muscles, getting your cardiovascular system ready to move. You’ll also be loosening up your muscles, lessening your risk of injury and reducing muscle soreness after your workout.

Cooling down helps your body gradually move into your pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure. It’s not as important for casual exercisers as warming up, but it’s particularly important for endurance athletes. There’s some controversy over the effectiveness of warming up and cooling down for preventing injuries, but they pose little risk, so it’s worthwhile to include them in your fitness routine.

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