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Work At A Desk All Day? | Try These Exercises to Keep Your Shoulders Loose and Posture Strong

If you sit at a desk all day then you probably feel some form of soreness in your shoulders and back after extended periods of time. Unfortunately, as cozy as a chair can be, sitting all day is unhealthy for you. You can cause tension between your shoulders and if you’re not maintaining good posture then you can cause yourself to have back issues. 

Chairs & Equipment

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to find exercise equipment. You can continue your stride towards managing good health from the comfort of your desk or chair at work. While some companies will cover costs for chairs and desks that encourage healthy changes, others will require you to purchase your own. 

For back and posture support, check out the benefits of the following chairs and other equipment.

– Ergonomic chair – According to Open Access Government, an ergonomic chair increases productivity, and reduces the risk of damage to joints in the neck and back. Adjustable height enables you to sit flat with your feet at a 90-degree angle. 

– Kneeling chair – The US National Library of Medicine recorded that kneeling chairs set at +20 degrees inclination, allows improvement to your posture and removing weight and pressure from your back.

– Drafting chair – Known for providing support for your back, drafting chairs bring you comfort while ensuring you’re sitting at the angle you need. Additionally, you have the option of chairs and stools. 

– Stand-up desk – Loughborough University recorded that standing at a desk while working boosts productivity.

– Balance ball – Increase lumbar mobility, discover a neutral position for your spine, and tone those core body muscles. 

Get Active With These Exercises 

There are a variety of exercises you can practice from the convenience of your desk. Each will provide support, build core muscles, and help prevent damage to your back or shoulders. 

You can practice these with a chair.

– Practice shoulder rolls in an ergonomic chair. Lift your shoulders up and slowly roll them in a circular motion 5-10 times. 

– To prevent stiffness in your legs and back, sit upright and slowly raise your leg from a 90-degree angle until it’s parallel to the ground.

– To relieve stress in your neck and shoulders, gently let your head drop back for a few seconds before dropping it forward until your chin touches your chest. 

Work on your posture with a balance ball.

– To improve posture, flexibility, and strengthen your back you can move your hips in different directions while seated. This is great for relieving pressure on your back.

– Increase your stability and core muscles by lifting each leg six feet off the ground and holding for 3-5 seconds. Repeat this 5-10 times to prevent cramps in your calf muscles and lessen the constant weight on your legs. 

– Technically you can do encyclopedia lifts from any chair or desk, but a balance ball will help you maintain good posture. Grabbing a heavier book, lift it above your head and back down even to your shoulders. In addition to helping prevent shoulder pain, it works out your triceps.

Prevent a stiff back with a stand-up desk

 – Desk push-ups strengthen your muscles while being easy to practice. 

– Squats are something you can perform while still focusing on work. They’re perfect for relieving stress in your back.

Solutions and Amenities at Wellbridge

On those days you’re not at work, getting involved with a personal trainer can help you reach your personal goals and improve your overall health. Exercises at work may be a great way to prevent shoulder pain along with damage to other parts of your body that are frequently strained. However, getting a workout in when you’re away from your desk can be an even bigger benefit and assist in strength training.

Take advantage of our in-house saunas and massages at Wellbridge. If you want something a little more independent, test your skills in the pool with low-impact workouts. It gives you a mix of fun and hard work while helping you loosen up the muscles in your back and relieving soreness in your shoulders. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.