Person tying his shoes for running, CO

Winter Workout Tips

As the weather gets colder, you may find yourself slacking off on your exercise routine. Who wants to get out of a nice, warm bed and work out when it’s cold outside? If you want to get inspired so you can stay healthy and happy and avoid winter weight gain, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep you going all winter long.

  • Make mornings work for your workout. Program your alarm with a song that will get you out of bed and moving, and don’t allow yourself the luxury of hitting snooze. Program the thermostat to warm things up in the morning and put your workout clothes near the heater so they’ll be cozy when you’re ready to get into them. You might even consider sleeping in your workout clothes so you’re ready to go when your feet hit the floor. Don’t do this, though, if the act of putting on your exercise clothes gets you geared up to exercise!
  • If you’d prefer, choose a different time of day. If evening works better for you to get moving, that’s perfectly ok. If it’s dark when you leave and when you get home, work out during your lunch break. Don’t have time for a full workout and shower at lunch? Take a walk outside if the weather permits or inside if it doesn’t.
  • Whenever you’re working out, plan ahead to make it work. If you’re exercising in the evening, change into workout clothes as soon as you get home from work. If mornings are your thing, pack your exercise bag with everything you’ll need to make your workout successful. If you’re working out at lunch, state your intention to someone so you’ll have more pressure to follow through, or keep your fitness bag under your desk as a reminder.
  • Set the bar low. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, make it your goal to get dressed and show up at the health club. Tell yourself that once you’re there, you can leave as soon as you want to, even if you’ve barely exercised. There’s a good chance that once you’re there and past that first hurdle, you’ll be more inclined to keep going and actually work out.
  • Take a warm swim. If the cold weather is getting you down, hit the indoor pool and swim a few laps. Swimming is a great full body exercise and it’s great for your mental health.
  • Focus on the mental health aspects of exercise. Sometimes, the physical benefits of exercise can take a while to become obvious. Exercising in winter, though, can help your mental health. Pay attention to how exercise lifts your mood and alleviates stress and you’ll be inspired to keep going.
  • Exercise with other people. Whether it’s an exercise buddy or a group, planning to work out together can apply some much needed social pressure. You’re less likely to ditch the workout if people are waiting for you, and exercise partners can make working out more fun, providing camaraderie and a distraction from the cold.

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