HIT Training

What is high-intensity training (H.I.T.)?

What is high-intensity training and how does it work? –Dana H.

High-intensity training is a fusion of sports performance training and bootcamp. The sports performance aspect is geared toward increasing the athletic ability of any individual, athlete or non-athlete. Agility ladders,cones, hurdles and plyometrics are employed to develop an individual’s speed, explosive power, and ability to start, stop, and change direction with ease. This part of the workout is based on short, duration, high intensity intervals with moderate rest.

The bootcamp aspect of the workout involves using a variety of training tools to perform full-body strength and power exercises in a station or circuit format. The training tools include medicine balls, battle ropes, weight sleds, weight vests, kettlebells, sandbells, boxing gloves, superbands,
rowing machines and more. Multiple weights are also laid out so participants are able to increase or decrease their weights quickly.