Woman Running At The Health Club

What is Gymtimidation?

Have you ever been to a gym, felt intimidated and decided to leave before even starting your workout? If so, you have experienced Gymtimidation. Gymtimidation is the anxiety many people feel when they enter a fitness facility because of the perceived judgment of other gym-goers. This feeling can be especially daunting for new gym members. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this fear and enjoy the full benefits that come with visiting one of the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs (Colorado Athletic Club, Sports & Wellness and Maryland Athletic Club).

What Causes Gymtimidation?

Gymtimidation is  created by a combination of factors that cause one to feel uncomfortable in a fitness setting. For example, some people may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of equipment in the facility, or unsure how to use each piece correctly. In addition, some people may be scared of being judged by more experienced fitness-club goers, or simply do not want to draw attention to themselves while working out. Whatever your reason for feeling apprehensive around exercise equipment and other members, it is important to remember everyone was once in your shoes–including those same experienced individuals at the fitness club today!

How To Overcome Gymtimidation

The key to overcoming Gymtimidation is acknowledging and accepting everyone has an individual journey when it comes to fitness. There is no “right” way or timeline for achieving your goals–all that matters is you continue moving forward on your path. At the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs, we understand this feeling and strive to make our facilities as comfortable and inviting as possible for all levels of experience. We offer members personalized programs tailored specifically to their needs, which will help you confidently become familiar with our wide range of equipment in no time! Additionally, if you ever find yourself needing assistance or advice during your workout journey, our friendly employees are always here for you.

Why Make the Effort?

Joining a fitness club can be instrumental in pursuing your goals.  They provide members with access to fitness programs, exercise classes and equipment tailored to individual physical levels. Offering guidance from highly experienced trainers,  a club can also create an environment where individuals can safely explore their limits and make measured gains toward overall fitness. Members also benefit from support from peers and accountability from instructors to ensure consistent progress on their wellness journeys If someone is an experienced fitness buff or just beginning to work out for the first time, joining a fitness club can offer unique benefits for personal development and physical fitness.

Gymtimidation can be an intimidating force for anyone new to entering a fitness environment, but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. With the right attitude and support system, it’s possible to conquer any fear or self-doubt you may have around exercise equipment or other visitors. That’s why we created the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs–so everyone can enjoy exercise without fear or embarrassment while achieving their health and wellness goals! Stop by one of our locations today and see how we can help make exercise enjoyable again.