Family with young kid outside exercising

Ways to Get the Kids Outside this Spring

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to shake off the winter doldrums and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! This is certainly a relief to parents who’ve spent the winter entertaining restless kids outside, but will it be easy to pull your kids away from their devices and out into the fresh air? Here are some ideas for family activities to make going outside especially fun this year.

  • Go out in the rain! Don’t let spring showers dampen your enthusiasm for the season. Put on some rain gear and go outside to play. Splash in puddles or float a boat, make mudpies, dance, and sing in the rain. Collect rain in containers made of different materials and listen for the difference in the sound of the splashes.
  • Revel in the wind. Fly kites, play with pinwheels or put up a windsock or weathervane. Ask questions to get your kids thinking: Can you see the wind? What sound does the wind make? How does it feel?
  • Take a walk or ride bikes. Pay attention to the natural world around you as you explore. Encourage your kids to use all of their senses to experience spring. Try to spot different shapes and colors, or look for items starting with each letter of the alphabet. Learn about trees and plants, and collect found items to use for crafts and decorating at home. Take a nighttime stroll and listen to nocturnal animals.
  • Grow something! Teach your child about the beauty of nature by gardening together. Plant an herb garden or container garden, grow vegetables or create a garden meant to attract birds or butterflies.
  • Look for local wildlife. Make a bird feeder and try to identify all the birds it attracts. Look under rocks and fallen logs for interesting bugs. Check out a spider web and notice its intricate patterns. Watch the squirrels in the trees. Walk in the woods and try to find and identify animal tracks.
  • Go cloud or star gazing. Lie on the ground with your kids and look at the clouds. What shapes can you spot? Look into the night sky and count the stars or drive out into the country to see even more stars. Bonus points if you can find the constellations!
  • Pack a picnic! The beauty of a spring picnic is that the weather is mild and there aren’t many pests to spoil your fun. Bring a blanket, some sandwiches and snacks, a ball or frisbee, and a book to read aloud together.

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