Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises in gym

The Ultimate Arms and Chest Workout Plan

Are you looking to bulk up your arms and chest? If you want a chest and arms that look like they belong on Superman instead of a mere mortal, you’re in luck. We have some great exercises to pump you up.

First, let’s review some basic anatomy. Your arms are made up of several different muscles, and it’s a rookie mistake to work only the biceps. You don’t want an imbalance in your arms, so you’ll want to work your forearms, biceps, and triceps equally challenging to keep your arms in good shape. Focus on isolating those chest and arm muscles, really building lean, symmetrical muscle. Perform the following exercises in a slow, controlled manner, focusing on high volume and high reps.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press: Lying on a flat bench, hold two dumbbells over your chest, using an overhand grip. Push up until your arms are straight, then lower the weights in a controlled manner.
    • Sets: 4
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10, 8
    • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Cable Pec Fly: Using a cable crossover machine with stirrup handles attached to the high pulleys, take one handle in each hand, with your arms outstretched and a slight bend at the elbow. Place one foot forward slightly, bracing your core, pull the handles slightly downward and across your body until your hands meet, then back to the start position.
    • Sets: 4
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10, 8
    • Rest: 45 seconds
  • Diamond Push-ups: In the push-up position, put your hands together, forming a diamond with your index fingers and thumbs. Keeping your back straight, lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor, then push back up.
    • Sets: 3
    • Reps: 10
    • Rest: 60 seconds
  • Close Grip EZ Bar Curl: Hold the EZ bar in front of your thighs, hands-on the innermost grips, palms facing away from you. Breathe in and curl the bar until your hands are at your shoulders. Then squeeze your bicep, lowering with control.
    • Sets: 3
    • Reps: 21 reps
    • Rest: 90 seconds
  • Lying Cable Curl: Lying with your feet against the low pulley of a cable station, grab the bar with an underhand, shoulder-width grip. Curl it to your chest with your upper arms stationary and elbows tucked in, then return to start.
    • Sets: 1
    • Reps: 100 reps- 20 with a light weight, then 15, 10, and 5 increasing the weight each time. Then back down, lowering the weight and finishing with 20 reps.
    • Rest: no rest

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