The Best Types of Exercise for Relieving Stress

Stress is not a bad thing. In fact, in small doses it’s helpful, boosting alertness and performance and even alleviating pain. When you’re under a constant, overwhelming load of stress, though, it can lead to health problems including depression, heart disease, diabetes, and maybe even cancer. Fortunately, regular physical exercise can combat this negative stress and help balance your stress response system by releasing natural endorphins. Any kind of exercise is beneficial, but here are some of the best types for relieving stress.


Brisk walking, jogging or running offer aerobic exercise that’s calming. Even a 10-minute walk can help you restore a since of calm, reducing stress and anxiety. If you prefer, jogging and running are just as good, as long as you have a safe route and good shoes.


Swimming provides a full-body workout. It’s good for your heart, provides resistance training elements, and is soothing simply because you’re immersed in water.


Cycling is a great cardio activity that’s easy on the joints. Cycling outdoors, in nature, is great as long as you wear your helmet, but a stationary cycle can be just as beneficial.


Dancing can be joyous. It’s also a wonderful stress-reducer that provides an excellent workout. If you dance with others, it’s also a great social activity, which reduces anxiety by fostering a feeling of connectivity and support.


Boxing lets you work through your stress by releasing intense emotions. Next time you’re feeling mad or stressed enough to hit something, find a boxing bag or sparring partner! You’ll work off your aggression and get a heart-pumping workout in the process.


HIT workouts mix aerobic, anaerobic and strength training. By combining all of these elements into a compact workout, high-intensity interval training relieves stress while benefiting your health and wellness.


Yoga or tai chi are gentle practices that are powerful stress relievers. Both connect breathing to movement to soothe anxiety, and they help promote a beneficial mind-body connection.


Outdoor exercise you enjoy alleviates stress in two ways. Working in your garden, walking in the woods, or strolling along the beach are all activities that promote physical activity while also connecting you with nature. Both of these aspects of the activities can calm your mind, alleviating anxiety and stress.


No matter which kind of exercise appeals to you, finding a supportive place to work out is beneficial to both your body and mind. When you know you’ve found your place, you’ll be able to focus on working out the body while reducing your stress levels.  At the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs, we offer world-class fitness opportunities that keep up-to-date with the latest in health and wellness. At our clubs, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team before you’re challenged and motivated by top-notch instructors in our fitness classes. You’ll make new friends because you belong here. Join today or contact us to learn more.