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Tennis Anyone? Get Started With These Pro Tips

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active and meet great people (and compete against them), tennis can be the perfect sport. As long as you’re familiar with the rules and have some basic equipment, you can do the rest of your learning on the court.

Getting Started: Finding a Trainer and a Club

No matter how advanced you are in your tennis journey, the standards for selecting a trainer are the same.

What makes a good trainer?

Punctuality. It might seem like a given that a trainer will be on time for sessions. After all, it’s how they make their living, right? Fortunately, our trainers go through a highly vetted process. We understand time is very valuable to our members.

Dedication. A good trainer will have an appreciation and an understanding for the sport, even if they don’t compete at the highest level. Their passion to help you is infectious.

Knowledge. Training isn’t just about tennis prowess. If your trainer happens to have a nasty backhand and a standout drop shot, that’s great. Even better, they will also know how to train you. There’s a reason they named it “tennis elbow.” A knowledgeable trainer goes a long way toward preventing injury.

Skills. This isn’t the most important of the criteria, but it can still play a role. A certified Wellbridge personal trainer can translate drills into skills helping you dominate the court against opponents while having a terrific time.

Well then, what makes a good club?

Equipment. Make sure there’s nothing equipment-wise separating you from improving.

Environment. Being competitive is wonderful, and it will certainly help you improve if you’re trying to win, but it’s also important to make sure the players and staff make you feel good about playing there.

Facilities. Facilities can vary from city to city, but it’s important that you feel safe and secure while you’re playing. The more upscale locations will have extensive locker rooms and even massages available, but the takeaway is to find a club with facilities that match your needs.

Perks of finding your club

Practicing is the best way to improve, and it works best when you’re playing against people around your level or higher. A good club will have a range of members who can challenge you.

Once you’ve settled into a location, it’s easy to pick up new strokes. Keep an eye on the players around you and work those skills into your game.

It’s not all about competition. Club tennis is also a lifestyle, and it’s a fabulous home-away-from-home.

Meeting people: Tennis clubs will surround you with people in similar life circumstances and it’s easy to build lifelong friendships.

Competition and companionship. Whether you’re looking for some friends to play a few times a month or you’re taking your game to imaginary Wimbledon, it all begins with finding a tennis club.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your tennis journey, look into the sparkling facilities and certified trainers at Wellbridge.

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