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Ten Tips to Love Your Body

Do you love your body? Few of us do, but we should! Our bodies are amazing machines that house our souls and deserve our respect and care. In fact, there’s even evidence to suggest that the way we feel about our bodies can have an impact on our immune system. A body that is loved is a healthier body. So how do you get there? Here are 10 tips to help you love your body.


Listen to what your body is telling you. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you are thirsty and sleep when you’re tired. Practice mindfulness, breathing deeply and asking your body what it needs in this moment.


Change the way you speak to yourself. When you begin to descend into negative self-talk, ask yourself if you’d speak that way to someone you love. If not, don’t speak to yourself that way, either.


Go fat free. No, not your diet. Change your outlook so you’re not focused on fatness or thinness. Don’t engage in weight discussions with friends, coworkers or family members. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t criticize yourself or others. Treat yourself like more than a number on a scale, celebrating your unique gifts and abilities.


Think of your body not as decorative but as useful. Pay attention to the way your body moves, and be grateful! Spend a day noticing all the things your body does well, and thanking it.


Exercise and eat well to feel healthy and strong. Drop the mentality that compels you to exercise and diet in order to lose weight. Instead, participate in exercise you enjoy, to make you feel confident and strong. Fill your plate with good food, like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Practice mindful eating, noticing how good food tastes. Channel your inner child and go back to the time when you ate and exercised for the joy of the experience.


Carry yourself like a person of worth. Stand up straight, hold your head high and smile! You’ll be surprised at the positive response you get, and that response can make you feel more confident.


Question media messages. The next time you see an ad or a commercial that causes you to feel less worthy than a professional model, don’t question yourself, question the ad. Let yourself get mad enough to write the company, if that will make you feel better. Define beauty standards for yourself, don’t let advertisers define them for you.


Wear clothes that fit your body. Clothes that don’t fit properly are uncomfortable and make you feel less attractive. Don’t focus on the size on the tag, focus on how the clothes fit and complement your figure.


Don’t put off living life. Don’t wait until you hit a certain size or weight to do the things you’ve been planning to do. Don’t avoid family photos. Don’t cut yourself out of your family’s memories because of insecurities! Be the person you were meant to be and most of all, be present.


Fake it until you make it. Keep telling yourself that you are beautiful, every single day. Practice loving your body even if if feels disingenuous. You’ll get there!


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