man running on treadmill

Running Basics to Jog Your Memory

Have you taken a break from running? If you’ve been away so long that you can hardly remember how to get back into the routine, don’t worry. Whether you’re returning after a hiatus or you’re completely new to the sport, we’ve got a few running basics to jog your memory and help you get on track.


Assess yourself. Especially if you’ve taken some time off from running, it’s important to be honest with yourself about where you are physically. While you may not be at the same place you were before, what matters is that you’re putting forward the same amount of effort. Notice how much energy you exert and how hard it feels to run. Put forth the effort, and trust that speed will come over time. Track your heart rate to get an idea of the appropriate level of exertion.


Get the right gear. You don’t need much, but a good pair of shoes is a must. Invest in your running shoes, considering it an investment in your health. The right pair of shoes can protect you from injuries ranging from blisters to shin splints to muscle aches and pains. Consider that you’ll probably wear these shoes for 400 miles and plan accordingly.


Build a routine. Consistency is the most important part of your running routine, over speed and distance. If you push yourself too hard, you’re likely to become frustrated and stop. If you take a gradual, consistent approach to training, you’ll allow your body time to adapt to the stress.


Psych yourself up. It’s easy to lose motivation when you can’t run as fast as you used to, and everything seems to take more effort. Don’t get discouraged! Remind yourself that you’re working toward a goal and consistent training will get you there. It should only take about two to three weeks to get you back in the swing of things again, ready to push even harder and further.


Have fun! Getting back into running can be challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Run with a friend, join a local running club, or even just run with your dog or your kids. Be careful, though: it’s not necessarily a good idea to run with your old running crew. You could end up pushing yourself too hard as you try to keep up. While you’re easing back into it, keep it light and fun.

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