Women relaxing after heavy workout, CO

Pump Yourself Up with This Jump, Hop, and Swing Workout

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout that doesn’t take a lot of time or requires a ton of equipment, we have an excellent option for you. The P.U.M.P. workout, created by David Freeman, National Digital Performer Brand Manager of Life Time’s Alpha program, is done in just 16 minutes, using only three pieces of gear. Requiring only a jump rope, a small box or platform, and a dumbbell or kettlebell, this workout lets you focus on endurance and cardio by challenging you to complete the designated reps within each new minutes, resting only in the seconds left if you finish your reps before the next minute starts. In addition, Freeman challenges users to think beyond the exercises during this workout, engaging in some self-reflection. P.U.M.P. stands for Progress Ultimately Mirrors Purpose, so while you’re pushing through this brief session of interval training, consider why you’re doing it, where your passions lie, and how your fitness goals fit into what you hope to ultimately achieve in life.

Ready to get started? Begin by completing two rounds of this warmup:

  • Hinge– 10 reps
  • Pogo Jumps– 20 reps
  • Body Walkout (with or without pushup)- 5 reps

Once you’re warmed up, you’ll move on to the workout, performing each exercise for the number of reps indicated, every minute on the minute. Repeat these exercises for a total of four rounds:

  • Jump Rope High Knees– 30 seconds
  • Burpee Box Jump-overs– 10 reps
  • Dual Kettlebell Swings (or Weight Swings)– 15 reps
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull– 15 reps

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