Our Favorite Fitness Tracking Apps

Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? If you’re trying to achieve certain fitness goals, you can track your progress with nothing more than a smartphone. There are a wide variety of fitness apps available that can help you keep a consistent workout schedule, build strength, and stay motivated while you’re getting into shape. Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? We’ve got your back. Check out this list of 5 great fitness apps that are well worth downloading.



Cost: Free for basic, $1.55/week with coaching

Best for: High Intensity Interval Training (HIT)

Live Classes: No

Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes

Benefits: Offers 5-30 minute workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, led by expert coaches. Focused on bodyweight exercises like burpees, squats and sit-ups, these workouts can help you get fit quickly.



Map My Run:

Cost: Free for basic, MVP for $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year

Best for: Running

Live Classes: No

Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes

Benefits: A bank of more than 70 million running routes lets you have plenty of variety, and the app tracks your distance, pace, elevation, calories burned and more. In fact, it even tracks your shoe mileage, so you’ll know when to replace them. It also tracks over 600 activities besides running, and MVP membership offers expert-led training.




Cost: Free for basic, Elite for $6.99 a month or $39.99 a year

Best for: Strength Training

Live Classes: No

Heart Rate Monitoring: No

Benefits: With a database of over 1,300 exercises, this app helps you plan your weightlifting sessions carefully. It tracks your reps and the weights used, as well as keeping up with your body composition changes, including weight, body fat percentage and more. You can connect with fellow lifters and the app has set training programs if you want to follow an expert. The app is both mobile and web-based, so that you can switch between your computer and smartphone.




Cost: $38.99 for three months, $59.99 for six months or $95.99 a year

Best for: Beginners

Live Classes: Yes

Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes

Benefits: With more than 200 live classes and hundreds of on-demand classes, this app makes it easy to get into the habit of exercising. Certified trainers offer clear and safe instructions, and help motivate you with accountability and fun fitness. It also has personalized nutrition programs, meal plans, tracking, monthly exercise challenges and an active virtual community.




Cost: Basic for free, Pro for $25 a month, $60 for six months or $80 a year

Best for: Weight Loss

Live Classes: No

Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes

Benefits: If you want to lose weight, you’ll need a program of effective exercise and good nutrition, which this app clearly delivers. Custom workout and food plans promote lifestyle change, and because the workouts are mostly bodyweight-based, you can exercise anywhere.



A fitness app is great for helping you get on track, but nothing helps you stay there like a supportive fitness club environment. At the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs, we offer world-class fitness opportunities that keep up to date with the latest in health and wellness. At our clubs, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team before you’re challenged and motivated by top-notch instructors in our fitness classes. You’ll make new friends because you belong here. Join today or contact us to learn more.