lady doing squats

Lower Body Fun

Bet you never thought of it this way, but you can’t spell LEGenDArY without the words “leg” and “day.” Gettin’ deep here! Try this lower body workout by Certified Personal Trainer Jessica Armijo.

3 sets of each round then rest 45 seconds before moving on to the next round

Round 1: Glute bridges x20, Hold Glute bridge at the top for 30 seconds
Round 2: Weighted front squats x12, Mountain Climbers x20
Round 3: Sumo deadlift x12, Sprinter jumps x10 each leg
Round 4: Walking Lunge with rotation x10 each leg, Burpee hopscotch x10 (single leg burpees alternating)
Round 5: Romanian deadlift x12, Step ups x10 each leg

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