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How to stay fit while traveling

When you’re traveling, it can be easy to fall out of the habits you’ve established that help you stay fit. Whether you’re on vacation and feel like being self-indulgent or traveling for work and feel too pressured to think about a healthy lifestyle, eating well and staying active while you’re away from home can be a challenge. Don’t worry! We’ve got a list of tips to help you keep up with your fitness so that you don’t lose the progress you’ve worked so hard to gain.


Stay as active as you can, all along the way. If you’re flying, walk briskly to your gate instead of taking the moving sidewalk or the tram, or walk up the elevator instead of standing still. If you’re waiting for a long time, don’t sit at the gate, but go ahead and take a walk. If you’re driving, get your steps in at every stop. Wear a fitness tracker, and make a point to keep up with your steps every day.


Eat well. This doesn’t mean depriving yourself! Just pay attention to what you’re eating and focus on having balanced meals. It can be fun to try local delicacies, and if you’re careful it doesn’t have to result in extra pounds. Take a few healthy snacks along, to keep your metabolism humming all day long. If possible, research restaurants ahead of time. You may find some really amazing local spots to enjoy while also eating a healthy meal.


Use your surroundings and find ways to be active. In the mountains? Take a hike! On a beach? Alternate walking and jogging along the beach with swimming vigorously. In a city? Explore your surroundings on foot instead of taking public transportation. No matter where you go, you can find ways to be active. Stuck in your hotel during a conference? Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and check out the hotel gym.


Create a workout routine you can do anywhere. If you need help, look up YouTube videos or use your computer to access a virtual workout.


Build your trip around fitness. If you’re planning a vacation, work exercise into your agenda. Take a skiing or surfing trip, or spend your time hiking or mountain biking. Making exercise a fun part of your vacation makes staying fit easy.


Visit a local fitness club. Many gyms will let you purchase a temporary membership or day pass. This is a fantastic way to try out a new club and get in your usual workout. You can try a gym that’s totally new to you, or find a location of your regular fitness club in the area you’ll be visiting.

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