How to Make Time for Working Out When You Don’t Have Any Time

When your schedule is so jam-packed that you can’t seem to find motivation to do anything that’s not absolutely necessary, sometimes the last thing you want to do is take a break and work out. That’s ok once in a while, because it’s completely understandable to miss a workout on a stressful day. It’s important, though, not to let this become a habit. Some exercise is better than none, so make sure you’re taking time to exercise as close to daily as possible, even if your schedule is hectic. Here are a few tips for making time for a workout when there’s no time.


Get up earlier. You may even be able to wake up early enough to fit in a trip to the gym before work. If not, make a point to get up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than you normally would and do a couple of simple exercises to get you ready for your day.


Make the most of everyday activities. Whatever you’re doing, engage your muscles and make it an exercise. Stand on one leg when you’re brushing your teeth. When you’re doing household chores, do them with vigor and you’ll burn calories. Take the stairs, park in the back of the parking lot and find other ways to sneak exercise into your day.


Walk while you talk. If you’re slammed with phone calls, pace around while you’re on the phone. Staying in motion can make a big difference in your day.


Stand when you can. Especially if you have a sedentary job, take every chance you get to stand up. When you can’t stand, periodically contract your abs as tightly as you can for 10 seconds while you’re sitting. Do this five to ten times in a row.


Make the most of your commute. Walk or ride your bike to work if you can. If you that’s not something you’re able to do, find ways to make your commute more active. If you take public transit, take the stairs or walk up the elevator. If you’re driving, do ab exercises while you sit.


Take an active lunch! Lunchtime is one of the best times to sneak in a quick workout. Instead of eating at your desk, take a brisk walk. Even if you feel compelled to work during lunch, take a break for part of the time to get in your steps.


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