Fitbit vs. Apple Watch: Which Is Better for Your Workout Routine?

Modern technology is pretty amazing. When it comes to fitness, there are so many benefits to living in this time in history, not the least of which is the ease with which we can track our fitness goals. Smartwatches can help you do this, but which smartwatch is right for you? Fitbit and Apple Watch are two of the front runners, and both are excellent options, so let’s compare the two so you can determine which might be right for you. Here, we’ll compare the Apple Watch Series 6 to three popular Fitbit models, Versa 3, Sense and Inspire.

The first Fitbit tracker was released in 2009, and since then, hundreds of millions of Fitbit devices have been sold worldwide. In addition to smartwatches, Fitbit designs bands, scales and other fitness tools. Fitbit watches tend to be less expensive than Apple Watches and they use a different operating system. Apple Watches came on the scene much later, in 2015. They’re made to work with other Apple products, which is very convenient if you already have an iPhone because it allows you to sync your phone with your smartwatch. Whether the Apple Watch or Fitbit is right for you depends largely on how you exercise.


If you’re a runner:

You can easily track your runs using an Apple Watc After opening the Workout app, you can choose between running inside or outdoors, and you’ll have the opportunity to set goals for your run. You can pause your runs and check your routes from your iPhone.

The Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense are good for runners, too. They each have a built-in GPS to track your route, and they’ll show your distance, pace, and heart rate. The Versa 3 costs less than the Sense while offering the same things. The Inspire doesn’t have as many features, though it can monitor your heart rate and how far you’ve gone.


If you lift weights:

Neither the Apple Watch nor the Fitbit trackers can detect how much weight you lift. They can, however, determine how many calories you’ve burned. You can download third-party apps onto the Versa 3, Sense and Apple Watch, with the Apple Watch apps coming from the App Store and the Fitbit apps coming from the Fitbit App gallery.


If you’re a cyclist:

The Apple Watch lets you track your bike rides in several ways. You’ll be able to see your average speed, total time, and average heart rate, as well as tracking elevation changes during your ride. You can set goals if you’d like, or just cycle freely.

The Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 also let you track both indoor and outdoor cycling. The built-in GPS detects your route, and each of the smartwatches can track your heart rate, as can the Fitbit Inspire. The Sense and Versa 3 can also detect your cycling workout’s elevation.


If you’re participating in team sports:

The Apple Watch can’t track the goals you score or similar, but it can determine how much ground you’ve covered. It also lets you look at your splits to determine when you were more active so that you can link these to moments in the game.

The Fitbit Sense and Versa don’t have a team sports mode. They do, however, let you track tennis, golf, and interval training. If you’re playing something like basketball, the interval training tracker can be helpful.

Of course, while playing competitive contact sports, you can’t wear jewelry. This means that no matter what kind of tracker you use, you won’t be able to use it during the game.


Of course, ultimately, it may come down to the type of smart phone you have. Apple Watches are easy to use with an iPhone but much trickier with an Android. At the Wellbridge Family of Athletic Clubs, we offer world-class training that keeps up-to-date with the latest in health and wellness. At our clubs, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team before you’re challenged and motivated by top-notch instructors in our fitness classes. You’ll make new friends because you belong here. Join today or contact us to learn more.