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Everyone Can Be A Comeback Kid

by Glen Strandberg –

Everybody loves a comeback story. We see them in sports on a regular basis. As long it’s our team doing the comebacking, it’s an enormous thrill and that game or moment is not going to leave our memory.

Movies were almost made for comeback stories. Even when we know the ending and have seen the film more times than a 6-year-old mesmerized by “Frozen,” the slow-motion victory always delivers tinglies up and down the spine.

At the risk of feeling like we need to cue some dramatic music, the best and most important comeback stories are the ones that occur in real life. After the debacle that was the year 2020, we could all use our own version of spine tingles and goose bumps.

Though we re-opened last summer, we all know there were limitations. With the help of our incredible members, we were able to stay on our feet and keep swinging, but our focus was on getting to that next inning or period, round or quarter.

We’re really going for it here as we quote the legendary Rocky: “It’s not about how hard you hit, It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

A tad corny, sure, but also true. All of us had to focus on moving forward, and here we are! We’ve waited a long time for this feeling of hope and normalcy.

Clubs are open. Swimmers are swimming. Locker rooms and showers are available. Studio Fitness is buzzing with energy. Summer Camps are buzzing with even more energy than Studio Fitness. Social events are no longer something we “used to do.” And Personal Training is pushing our clients to do more…to move forward.

“This is your time,” US Olympic Hockey coach Herb Brook says in the movie Miracle. “Now go out there and take it.”

What’s your 2021 Comeback Story.

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