Sportswoman sprinting in the city

Do You Know the Best Time For a Run?

A healthy exercise routine is just that: routine. You’ll want to establish a regular time to exercise so that it will be easy to make it habitual. If you’re planning to run, you may be unsure when to fit it into your schedule. What’s the best time for a run? It depends on who you ask.

  • Some people swear by a morning run. They like peace and quiet, while the sun is low in the sky. It’s often easier to control the schedule in the morning before other things crowd in and complicate life. Running before breakfast burns fat, helps prevent weight gain, and improves glucose tolerance. Morning runs are good for bringing down blood pressure, and some people with depression find that running helps lift their mood at the most challenging time of their day. Unfortunately, morning exercise can make one more injury-prone because of stiff muscles, and people are more vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes during morning hours.
  • There’s science to back up afternoon and evening runs. After 4 p.m., your body is at its peak core temperature, breathing capacity, alertness, and energy. You’ll be able to run better and longer, and you’ll be more alert. Afternoon and evening runs are optimal for muscle-building and are less likely to cause injury because muscles are at their strongest and most flexible. The arguments against running later in the day have little to do with the effectiveness of the run or the body’s condition, but rather with environmental factors. Afternoons are likely to be hotter, while evenings may cool too rapidly. There may be concerns about traffic or pollutants. If you’re someone who gets too energized by running and has trouble falling asleep if you’ve run in the evening, try scheduling your run an hour or two earlier. After your run, take a cool shower to start getting your body ready to sleep.
  • Ultimately, it’s about the routine. If you prefer morning runs, and they’ll be easier for you to manage, you should run in the morning. Whatever works for you is the best option because you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine you enjoy.

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