Desk Friendly Exercises

You know it is important to get daily body movement, but it can sometimes be hard to fit a workout into your busy schedule. With work, family and all of your other responsibilities, you might struggle to stay active. The good news is if you can spend even five or 10 minutes each day working in some movement, it can help stimulate blood flow, boost your mood, strengthen your muscles and alleviate stress. We offer some desk-friendly movements you can do with little to no equipment, right in your office.

Triceps Dips:

Put a chair without wheels behind you and stand in front of it.

Place your palms flat on the chair, keeping your heels on the ground and your legs straight out in front.

Lower your body, trying to get your upper arms parallel to the ground.

Push back up and repeat for 10 reps.



Desk Push-Ups:

Facing your desk, lean against it, hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart, arms straight.

Lower yourself almost to the desk, then push back up and do 10 reps.



Calf Raises:

Stand, holding your desk or chair for balance.

Push up on your toes, hold, lower your heels and do 10 reps.




Stand tall, in front of your chair, feet shoulder-width apart, hands stretched in front of you.

Lower until you are almost sitting on the chair while keeping your knees aligned with your toes.

Return to the starting position and do 10 reps.



Desk or Chair Side Planks:

Put one forearm along the edge of your desk or on the seat of your chair, keeping your body in a straight line.

Lift the other arm toward the ceiling, hold the position for 30 seconds, repeat on the other side.



Desk Plank:

Keeping your body in a straight line, lean against your desk, elbows and forearms on the desk, and hands together.

Hold for 30 seconds.



Donkey Kicks:

Facing your desk, lean against it, keeping your body in a straight line.

Stand on one leg, bending your opposite knee 90 degrees.

Kick your bent leg back, extending it as far as you can.

Hold the position, lower to starting position and repeat for 10 reps on each side.



Pistol Squats:

Using good posture, sit in your chair, one foot flat on the ground and the other extended straight out.

Keeping the extended leg in front of you, stand on a flat foot. Repeat five times per side.



Oblique Twists:

Sitting in a swiveling chair, hold the edge of the desk.

Rotate as far as possible to one side, then switch to the other side. Do 10 reps per side.



Seated Bicycles:

Sit in your chair with your feet on the floor, hands behind your head, with good posture.

Lift one knee, twisting the opposite elbow towards it.

Return to start and repeat 10 times on each side.



Leg Lifts:

Using good posture, sit tall in your chair.

Lift your leg straight until the hamstring comes off the seat, hold for 20 seconds.

Repeat on the other side.



Seated Knee to Chest:

Sitting on a chair without wheels, stretch your legs straight out in front of you.

Holding the seat of your chair for support, pull your knees toward your chest.

Return to start and do 10 reps.



Glute Squeezes:

Sit up straight in your chair.

Squeeze your glutes for 10 to 30 seconds, relax and repeat 10 times.



Seated Leg Extensions:

Sitting tall, with feet flat on the floor, lift one leg straight in front of you by contracting the muscle on the front of your thigh.

Hold, lower to starting position, repeat 10 times per side.



Windshield Wipers:

Sit, holding the seat for balance, legs straight in front of you and off the floor.

Move your legs as far as you can to one side, keeping your feet together, then switch to the other side.

Repeat 20 times.



Seated Flutter Kicks:

Sit on your chair, legs out in front of you.

Lift your foot 6 inches, pause, then return that foot to the ground and lift the other foot.

Repeat 10 times per side.



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