ladies chatting holding yoga mats

Come Back Because It’s Safe, Stay Because Of The Community

Glen Strandberg –

The new year is still just getting underway, which means people are either clinging to their resolutions or certain they’re going to start “tomorrow.” Sadly, there is a significant group that gave up on tomorrow months ago. Our hope is that we can re-inspire them today.

Here’s what we know. According to a study by brand and consumer insight firm ClubIntel (The Member Journey in the Era of Covid-19), 21% of women say they no longer exercise. We 121% hate to see this. We’re talking about an enthusiastic group that used to work out on a regular basis, but no longer experiences that endorphin rush, the energy that comes long after exercise, or being a part of the club’s healthy community. We miss them as much as they miss their invigorating routine.

Notice we haven’t mentioned men. By comparison, men returned quicker after lockdown and feel their club is taking the necessary precautions. On the other hand, “Women are less confident across the board with respect to safety compliance and the virus.”

We understand how they can feel this way, so maybe the simple question is this: Are gyms safe?
The answer is yes. Let us count the ways.

The fact is we’ve been able to remain open because we’re doing this safely and together with the help of our incredible members. One step we have taken is to not only follow our industry’s Active & Safe Commitment, but to go beyond that.

When you look at it, our clubs define what the national and local health experts want. Only members and registered guests are allowed in, which addresses the ability to contact trace. Temperature checks are required at entry; we have the ability to limit attendees, and the space to keep them properly distanced; and we’ve implemented safety and cleaning protocols that have been followed with surprising dedication.

Combine that with our associates wearing proper personal protective equipment and we confidently state the club is the safest place you’ll go all day.

What we’ve all learned over the past 11 months is that doctor after doctor, and health official after health official believes fitness is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. We can’t wait to see the 21% come back and show them how we’re fighting this fight right. Lean & Clean.