man running on trail

Colorado Fitness Month Is In Motion

by Glen Strandberg –

Who’s tired of talking about COVID? Show of hands, please. Wow, some of you have both arms up!

OK, we’re going to reference it because it’s nearly impossible not to, but this is positive news.

The really short story is Gov. Polis has proclaimed the month of May as Colorado Fitness Month. That’s right – “proclaimed.” Doesn’t get more official than that, and likely makes you feel more obligated to be active. Bring it on!

Let’s back up for a moment because we actually like the longer story. As lockdown restrictions were eased last summer, Gov. Polis and his team were receptive to the ideas presented by the Colorado Fitness Coalition regarding the importance fitness to keep the public stronger. To be honest, we felt we were “essential,” but that was a sensitive, special word in 2020. Now look where we are! What was once going to be merely a Fitness Day has become entire month. Here’s a little snippet of Polis’ proclamation:

“The State of Colorado, as one of the fittest and healthiest states in nation, recognizes the Colorado fitness community for adapting to and enduring the challenges posed by the pandemic, allowing thousands of Coloradans across the State to safely and responsibly maintain and improve their physical and mental health through exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Thank you for your commitment, understanding, flexibility and agility to reach this point. We could not have made it to May, 2021 without you and your energy.

Now get moving!