Women doing cardio in treadmill, CO

Cardio Training for Tennis Players

Tennis uses a combination of sudden, anaerobic speed and sustained aerobic movements. That’s why tennis players need training that provides both cardio and endurance benefits. Running is an excellent option for tennis training because it provides both things and helps with speed and footwork. For best results, check out these options for running training proven by scores of tennis pros.

  • Sustained and slow: There’s no successful tennis without a good level of cardio, which is why this long, slow run, performed at a constant pace of low to moderate intensity over a long distance, is crucial. Keeping a constant pace for 30 to 40 minutes at your predicted maximum heart rate offers plenty of benefits, including a healthier cardiovascular system, stronger joints and muscles, and an enhanced ability to burn fat for energy. In addition, it helps the body work more efficiently so that you don’t need as much energy to run.
  • Suicide Runs: On the opposite end of the spectrum, suicide runs involve multiple high-intensity sprints to progressively distant points. By stopping and starting abruptly and running as fast as you can for short distances, you’ll develop speed, endurance, and agility. High-intensity exercises like this also get the muscles and joints accustomed to the impact levels involved in stopping and quickly changing direction on hard surfaces. Perform a suicide run by standing on one side of the court, on the outer doubles sideline, then sprinting to the adjacent doubles sideline and back. Next, dash to the singles sideline and back, then to the center service line and back. Repeat after one minute of recovery time.
  • Footwork Drills: Running a straight line quickly is beneficial, but footwork drills are also great for helping you improve the movements you have to make during a tennis game. During these drills, you’ll run forwards, backwards, side to side, and on an angle, using quick steps to cover as short a distance as possible. If you’ve got a rope ladder, use it to help you develop foot speed or spider drills to improve your ability to change directions, building speed and agility quickly.
  • Interval Training: A highly efficient form of cardio, interval training delivers benefits quickly, increasing speed and endurance and all-around fitness. You’ll do multiple sprints or runs over distances anywhere from 10-800 meters, maintain your intensity throughout the workout. If you find your intensity dropping, reduce the run length or increase the rest period so that you can get back up to the right level.

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