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Best Workouts for Cardio

Of course, you know that cardio is important. But if you’re doing the same old cardio every time you’re at the gym, it’s easy to get bored quickly. Don’t be discouraged! The treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and stair climber are all great for cardio and they don’t have to get boring. Just switch things up with these cardio workouts any time you start finding your workouts a little tedious.

  • Try a Cardio Countdown. This can be done on the machine of your choice, or even power walking. Give yourself five minutes to warm up, then alternate between a speed burst and an easy pace for the next 20 minutes. Do four minutes of speed followed by four minutes of easy, three minutes of speed and three minutes of easy, and so on, until the last minute is broken into 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow. Finish up by cooling down for four minutes.
  • Short on time? Try this Quickie Cardio. Start with three minutes of a light walk, 30 seconds at half speed, 30 seconds of light walk or jog, 30 seconds at 75 percent of your maximum effort, and 30 seconds lightly walking or jogging. Move on to sprinting followed by walking, for beginners 60 seconds fast and 120 seconds slow, intermediate 60 seconds fast and 60 to 90 seconds slow, and for those at the advanced level, 20 seconds in a fast jog, 60 seconds in a slower jog. Continue this for eight reps, which should take 29 minutes for beginners but only 16 at the advanced level.
  • Here’s a 20 minute cardio circuit you can do at home or the gym. Using old school PE moves, you’ll get almost as good of a workout as you would on the indoor cycle. March in place for three minutes, then do 60 jumping jacks. Another minute of marching and back to 60 jumping jacks. March another minute, do 30 squat thrusts. Repeat the march and squat twice more, then back to marching a minute, 60 jumping jacks. Another marching minute, 60 more jumping jacks, then march in place two more minutes to cool down.
  • Use many different machines to make things more exciting. Start on the bike, warming up gradually for five minutes, then pedal at about 85 RPM for two minutes, speed up to 100 RPM for a minute, repeat the 85/100 sequence, then recover for one minute. Move on to the elliptical, going at a moderate level (6-9) for three minutes, increasing your setting to (14-16) for two minutes, repeat, then spend the last 30 seconds gradually slowing down. Next up, the treadmill, where you’ll walk briskly for two minutes, run for two minutes, repeat the walk/run cycle, then walk briskly for two minutes and spend five minutes cooling down. In forty minutes, you’ll have burned 400 calories without it ever feeling tedious.

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