woman running on treadmill with mask

A Proclamation on National Physical Fitness And Sports Month, 2021

from whitehouse.gov

Despite the unprecedented challenges and disruptions of the past year, we continue to see examples of Americans finding innovative ways to stay active and healthy. Some have moved their workouts into their living rooms or garages. Others have taken up new sports. Many have simply rediscovered the satisfaction of a walk through their neighborhood. Despite this creativity, far too many people struggle to incorporate regular physical activity into their daily lives. Socioeconomic disparities, lack of opportunities for safe play, and limited access to programs for increased activity are just a few of the inequities that many Americans face — inequities that have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. During this National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, we encourage all Americans to stay active for their health and wellbeing. Whether by pursuing a more active lifestyle, making physical activity a priority and an essential part of everyday living, or supporting efforts in local communities that increase access to sports and physical fitness opportunities for all, participating in physical activities leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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