5 Easy Tips to Drink More Water at Work

Staying hydrated is essential for your overall health, but it can be hard to remember to drink enough water when you are so busy at work. Here are five strategies the Wellbridge Athletic Club recommends customers use to increase their drinking water intake while they’re at the office.


Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle with you every day is an easy way to make sure you have access to water throughout the day. Investing in a stylish, quality bottle will make it more likely you’ll grab it and take it with you each morning. Plus, if you find yourself away from your desk for any reason during the day—like if you need to grab lunch or go on a walk—you’ll already have a bottle of water with you instead of having to find one along the way.


Take Regular Breaks

Set reminders on your phone or computer calendar so you remember to take regular breaks throughout the day. Taking just 5-10 minutes out of every hour gives your body the ability to rest and recharge, and it gives you a chance to get up and move around–which will help remind you to reach for a glass of H2O!

Make Drinking Water Part of Your Lunch Routine

Your lunch hour is not only for eating, but also is an opportunity to sit down and enjoy a glass (or two!) of cold water. Making this part of your regular routine will help ensure you are drinking enough water becomes second nature by mid-day, no matter how busy things get!


Keep Track Using Technology

There are plenty of apps available to track exactly how much H2O you’ve consumed throughout the day. These apps can be useful because they provide helpful reminders to drink more water, which makes them perfect for staying on top of hydration goals while working in an office setting.


Drink Before You Get Thirsty

It’s important to not wait until your body starts feeling thirsty before reaching for a glass of cold water–by then it’s often too late! Try drinking small amounts throughout the day so dehydration never gets too serious; this will keep energy levels high and prevent fatigue from setting in too quickly during the afternoon hours. Plus, drinking regularly helps establish a good habit to benefit your health long-term!


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Being well hydrated is critical for everyone’s overall health and wellbeing, especially when spending long hours in an office environment–but remembering to drink enough fluids can be difficult when juggling multiple tasks at once! Thankfully there are several simple strategies suggested by Wellbridge Athletic Club  customers designed specifically with office workers in mind. With these tips in mind hopefully customers can stay healthy while remaining productive at work all week long! Contact us today at 303-779-0700!