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10 Jump Rope Benefits You Won’t Want to Skip

When you think about jump ropes, what springs to mind? If your first thought goes all the way back to recess in elementary school, it’s time to think again. Jumping rope can provide a great workout, building strength and balance while providing cardiovascular exercise. So why should you be jumping rope? First, check out some of the benefits this kind of exercise can offer.

  1. When you jump rope, you boost your bone health. Because jumping rope requires you to put weight on your skeleton, it can help improve the health of your bones. This is good news for adults looking to maintain their bone density, but it’s also great for young people because it helps with bone development.
  2. Jumping rope may prevent injury. The stronger your bones are, the less likely they are to break. Jumping rope also helps build stability and mobility in the ankles, reducing their risk of injury.
  3. It’s a great cardiorespiratory exercise. Jumping rope can be a more intense form of exercise than walking, jogging, or cycling, providing a high-intensity cardio workout that’s good for your heart and lungs and your overall health.
  4. You can improve your coordination and balance by jumping rope. You need focus, body awareness, and coordination between your hands, feet, and eyes to jump rope.
  5. Jumping rope improves your speed and rhythm. Try some tricks like high knees or criss-cross, or alternate between a quick and slow pace.
  6. Using a jump rope sculpts your calves. The take-off portion of the jump builds the calf muscles, and landing improves the elasticity of your tendons and connective tissue, helping them better store injury.
  7. Jumping rope burns tons of calories. It offers a better burn than running, burning 667 to 990 calories per hour and requiring more energy than running a 12-minute mile.
  8. You can improve your shoulder strength by jumping rope. When you jump rope, you strengthen and tone your core and lower body. By using a weighted jump rope, you can also strengthen your shoulder joints and increase mobility.
  9. It’s easy to increase the intensity of your jump rope workout. However, the benefits of jumping rope can be increased by using a weighted rope. It will help increase endurance, improve strength and toning in the upper body, and burn more calories.
  10. You don’t need high-priced equipment or a large space to jump rope. Jump ropes are portable, versatile, accessible, easy to fit in a small bag, and used in a small space. You can even bring your jump rope along when you travel, so you don’t have to miss your workout!

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