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Colorado Athletic Clubs

Wednesday, June 19
9:15AM | Chisel with Stephanie
11:30AM | Yoga Stretch with Alexis
5:15PM | PSI 45 with Rachel
Thursday, June 20
8:30AM | Vinyasa Yoga with Lila
5:30PM | BodyPump™ with Janae
Friday, June 21
9:30AM | Cycle 360 with Dawn
11AM | Barre Burn with Amanda
12PM | Zumba with Danyell

Friday, June 21
Ride | 8AM
Ride | 9:30AM
Jazz | Dance 9:30AM
Saturday, June 22
Power Yoga | 8:15AM
Pilates Mat | 10:45AM
Sunday, June 23
Funk Fusion | 9:30AM
Yin Yoga | 4:00PM

Wednesday, June 19
8AM | Ride Row with Dawn Marie
10:45AM | Pilates Barre Fusion with Amanda
6:30PM | Relaxing Yoga with Lila
Thursday, June 20
8:30AM | Lengthen and Strengthen with Gianna
6:15PM | Yoga Stretch with Monica
Friday, June 21
8AM | Ride with Barb
10AM | Barre Burn with Amanda
12PM | LaBlast Splash with Arin (Outdoor Pool)

Tabor Center
Tuesday, June 18
11:30AM | Rebel Strength with Ashley Annable
5:30PM | Peak Circuits with Garrett
Wednesday, June 19
11:30AM | Cardio Chisel with Charlie Covey
12PM | Vinyasa-Yin with Justin Pera
Saturday, June 22
10:30AM | Just Climb with Allie Petrocco – Exclusive Class!

Maryland Athletic Club

Wednesday, June 19
9:15AM | HIT with Sydney
Thursday, June 20
9:15AM | Aqua Groove with Tiffany
Friday, June 21
30PM | Youth Dance with Juliet
Saturday, June 22
9:15AM | Satur-slay 45 with Eleni
Sunday, June 23
10:05AM | Heavy Bag Kickboxing with Jennifer

Sports & Wellness

Del Norte
Saturday, June 22
8:30AM | Peach Perfect with Alyssa Torres
9AM | PSI with Adam Gay & Ruth Skarsgard
9:45AM | TBT with Ruth Skarsgard

Saturday, June 22
10AM & 11:15AM | Paddle Board Yoga with Erin Gonzales
6:30PM | Sunset Yoga with Tiffany Duong
Sunday, June 23
10AM | H2O Deep Water with Moses Winston

Saturday, June 22
8AM | Outdoor Muscle Up with Olga Johnson
Sunday, June 23
9:30AM | H2O with Yvonne Sanchez

Saturday, June 22
9AM | Weekend Warriors outside on the turf with Angelo

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