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Are you looking for a new place for you and your family to work out together? If so, your search brought you down to deciding between your local gym and our athletic club. While gyms help you reach your fitness goals, athletic clubs help support your whole-body health. When you visit Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons, you’ll find our fitness coaches are your friends, and friendships extend beyond your class. We provide a unique experience that provides more than your traditional gym. You’ll find many classes with us that you and your family can enjoy. Our team of seasoned coaches and trainers helps create a sense of community that supports your entire whole-body health. Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons is striving to elevate what it means to work out. We encourage you to come to experience our athletic club for yourself.

What is the Difference Between a Gym and Athletic Club?

While gyms and athletic clubs offer families a chance to use fitness equipment or stretch in a facility with plenty of space for everyone, our athletic club offers more. With us, we’re dedicated to supporting fitness as a lifestyle by offering a wide range of amenities and classes. Our members enjoy experiences such as social outings and personalized workout classes. You’ll find more specialized equipment than your standard treadmills or ellipticals. If you ever need help with a particular workout or want recommendations on what to do next, our passionate coaches are excited to work with you. Athletic clubs provide a wide variety of fun activities included in your membership. Are you curious if yoga is suitable for you? Give it a shot! Want to go swimming with your new friends? Enjoy our stunning pool! The options are nearly endless.

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More Than a Fitness Studio

With your everyday gym, you’ll have the space and equipment needed to lead an active life; the same goes for an athletic club. However, this is where the similarities stop. You and your family are encouraged to take full advantage of our amenities. These amenities include access to court sports such as tennis or racquetball and access to our indoor swimming pool. Our friendly and dedicated team of professionals is there to help spot you for weights or enroll you in one of our numerous fitness classes. Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons strives to effortlessly combine fun and fitness for the entire family. We’ve developed unique and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy. Take a closer look at some of the family-focused events we offer:

  • Birthday Parties – We know planning birthday parties is stressful, but with our help, they can be fun and exciting. You’ll work with our events team, who know what kids like and offer customizable plans. Some of the more popular choices include year-round pool parties and disco dances.
  • Blast! Camps – Are you looking for a unique experience that keeps your kids engaged and moving all summer? Our Blast! Camps offer a sports-focused curriculum that encourages self-esteem and teamwork while improving their skills in several sports. Each of our Blast! Camps are supervised by our team of certified counselors.
  • Kids Athletics – Our professionals understand how children’s athletics constantly evolves, so we ensure we have the most recent guidance and coaching. We aim to help kids compete at the highest levels. The kids’ athletic programs focus on multiple sports while remaining challenging and fun.

Explore the Fitness Classes We Offer

When it comes to whole-body fitness, there is no such thing as one-size fits all. Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons is committed to working with you to find the ideal methodology to achieve your fitness goals. To help you along the way, we offer several classes or personal training sessions, each led by certified and excited instructors. Together we’ll be ready to break through any hurdle while having fun and making friends. With us, you’re encouraged to sample the group fitness classes we offer. At Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons, you’ll experience the top indoor cycling studio and enjoy stunning yoga classes. Here are some of the clubs and social events we offer:

  • Indoor Cycling Studio
  • Dedicated Yoga Classes and Studio
  • Court Sports – Racquetball, Squash and Tennis
  • Indoor Swimming

Bring Your Whole Family to Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons

Gyms are great if you’re looking for open space and access to equipment, but Colorado Athletic Club-Flatirons offers much more. At our club, you’ll have easy access to a slew of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and many top-notch fitness classes led by certified coaches. Our athletic club makes finding a seamless balance between being physically fit and promoting whole-body health accessible. Not only that but we’re built around a strong sense of community that welcomes and encourages others. For us, our community helps our members remain motivated and excited to meet their goals while getting the help they need. At our facility, you and your whole family can discover the difference. Get started on your whole-body health journey by signing up today.