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Adult Beginner Tennis Lessons

Learn Tennis Quickly in 4 Weeks

July 30 – August 26

Monday 1-2:30PM
Monday 7-8:30PM
Saturday 8-9:30AM
Saturday 3-4:30AM

:: Choose from ONE of the day/time options above to suit your schedule
:: Learn proper grips and groundstroke mechanics
:: Serves, scoring, singles and doubles play
:: And so much more!

Member $99
Non-member $119

Player Party

Saturday, August 26 | 5-7PM

For more information contact Bo Wright at
303.499.6590 or bwright@wellbridge.com today.

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“The Learn to Play program at the Colorado Athletic Club was an excellent entry point for me into the game of tennis. I had never played tennis before and by the end of the program I knew all of the rules, scoring, and most importantly, I was able to effectively swing a tennis racket. The drills were fun, easy to learn, and translated perfectly into an actual tennis match. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to pick up the game of tennis.”

– Josh Miller

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