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The city’s top trainers lead you through classes meant to tone, tighten and strengthen. Often accompanied by music, our group fitness classes challenge and motivate you to push your boundaries. Available to all members, these group fitness classes provide a workout that is just right for you in minimal time.

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Mix up your workouts with an array of group fitness classes. Find that “canʼt-miss” group class that breaks up your day, or aim to try something new each week. Either way, the talented and inspiring instructors will keep you coming back.

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Looking for calm as well as a challenge? Our yoga classes focus on balancing cognitive and physical practices for experienced and beginner yogis alike. We even have hot yoga. Expect classes to improve your mind-body connection, improve flexibility, build strength and leave you prepared for your day.


Group Cycling Class at Colorado Athletic Club - DTC | Fitness Club and Gym


Crank up the tunes and prepare to sweat in our upbeat and state-of-the-art cycling studio. We get that people ride for different reasons, so weʼve got you covered: endurance or choreographed rides that keep you pedaling to the beat thatʼll help you leave your goals in the dust. Monitor your heart rate, track your progress and feel the calories melt away.


Inspiring Spaces

Taking a group class at Colorado Athletic Club-DTC is more than a workout, it’s an immersive experience. We’ve carefully designed our studios to remove unnecessary distractions so you can focus on your coaches, your workout and your goals.

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