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  • Pump Yourself Up with This Jump, Hop, and Swing Workout

    If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout that doesn’t take a lot of time or requires a ton of equipment, we have an excellent option...

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  • How to Increase Your Fighting Endurance

    If you want to be a better fighter, the first step is to build your endurance. Fatigue can be a crippling impediment to your physical...

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  • How to Get Toned Arms

    The summer is here, with all the arm-baring that goes along with it. Are your arms as toned as they could be? Do eight of...

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  • Cardio Training for Tennis Players

    Tennis uses a combination of sudden, anaerobic speed and sustained aerobic movements. That’s why tennis players need training that provides both cardio and endurance benefits....

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  • 31 Delicious Superfoods That Will Boost Your Mood

    If you’re feeling down, what you eat can help lift your spirits. Of course, no food will cure depression, but when you pack your diet...

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