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Grooming the athletes of tomorrow starts today. We know kids learn differently, and our expert coaches develop personalized training plans for your kids based on their current skills, goals and aspirations

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Kids Swimming Programs

Summer Swim Team

  • Our swim team offers a competitive swim environment for kids looking to refine their skills in the pool, complete with weekly swim meets
  • Swim team coaches work with your swimmer to improve techniques and get race-ready
  • Compete in the Sundance Aquatics Association League
  • Enjoy the camaraderie that comes with intense practice and fierce competition

Parent-Tot and Aqua Kids

  • Swimming is a lifelong skill. Great Starts gets kids as young as 6-months to 2 1/2-years-old familiar with the water
  • Group lessons with our certified instructors build confidence and comfort in the water for your little ones
  • Parent Tot: four 30-minute sessions, year round, dramatically improve their comfort in the water
  • Aqua Kids: eight 30-minute lessons, September through May, introduces kids to swimming in a friendly group environment

Private, Buddy and Small-Group Private Lessons

  • Our 30-minute private lessons are the perfect way to improve your swimmer’s mechanics and form through personalized feedback
  • Buddy lessons provide a personalized setting with another swimmer with comparable swimming skills, building upon each child’s strengths and teaching new techniques
  • Small-Group Private Lessons (3-5 swimmers) provides freedom to swim with a group of your choice of friends or family with comparable swimming skills

We would love to tell you more about our swim offerings for kids. For more information, dates, rates and availability, please contact us. For teens 15 years or older, Del Norte also offers Red Cross lifeguard certification training.