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  • Bonus – General nutrition guidance and an online community

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Virtual Personal Trainer for Wellbridge Members

Many of us want a physical trainer, but scheduling sessions around your job and family obligations is difficult. Moreover, it may be a challenge to make the commute to one of Wellbridge’s locations throughout the United States. Regardless of where you live or the scope of your daily responsibilities, an exceptional personal trainer is within your reach. At Wellbridge Athletic Clubs, we provide virtual personal training services that you can take advantage of from your home, workplace gym, or anywhere else you can access the internet. Find out what our fitness program has to offer.

Learn More About Our Program

Finding a personal trainer who can help you accomplish your goals can be a challenge. In today’s busy society, many of us don’t have downtime to regularly schedule workouts at the local athletic club. Fortunately, Wellbridge offers virtual personal training services so you can meet your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. Our valued members can schedule sessions with certified fitness trainers no matter where they’re located across the country. Below, you’ll find some details on our program:

  • Introductory 30-minute sessions at $15
  • One-on-one sessions or small group training
  • Available wherever you are
  • Help with goal setting and activity tracking
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • Access an easy-to-use, free app
  • Expert nutrition guidance
  • Lively online community

What Can I Accomplish with an Online Trainer?

Many people worry that an online trainer cannot offer the same level of service as visiting a fitness club. While everyone has their own preferences, online fitness coaches can actually be very effective. If you’re willing to commit to regular exercise and proper nutrition, you can achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals with the help of a virtual trainer. To supplement your training sessions, you may also want to participate in our numerous online fitness classes. We offer everything from aerobics and body conditioning to group fitness classes.

Reap the Benefits of Personal Training

Choosing a certified personal trainer online brings you a variety of benefits. In fact, you’ll take advantage of many of the same pros as you would if you had chosen in-person training. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with an online personal trainer to achieve your health goals:

  • Personalized Advice: Proper exercise and nutrition look different for everyone. While some people may find lots of success with just a morning run and eating right, others may need a more specialized approach to fitness. Personal trainers offer the unique advice you need to succeed.
  • Motivation: Sometimes starting a workout is more difficult than finishing it. When you need a little extra motivation, rest assured your personal fitness trainer will provide accountability.
  • Get Results: When you work with a personal trainer, your chances of reaching your goals increase. While excellent results always take time and hard work, a personal trainer will give you peace of mind that you’re on the right path. Achieving your goals will be worth all the effort!
  • Convenience: Having an online personal trainer means you can work out anywhere with an internet connection and enough room for the day’s exercises. Plus, you can schedule your sessions to fit into your busy routine.

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Become a Part of Our Community

At Wellbridge, we’re dedicated to being more than just a run-of-the-mill health club. We strive to create a community where all our members can feel comfortable and motivated. If you opt for virtual personal training, you don’t have to miss out on the community aspect of our services. Our team is proud to offer online group workout classes where you can meet new friends and likeminded people. The online community is thriving at Wellbridge, and we’d love for you to become a part of it.

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If you’re interested in working with a certified personal trainer, don’t wait to reach out to the team at Wellbridge. We’re committed to providing each of our members with a top-notch experience, whether they’re looking for regular training sessions or just a few exercise classes a week. You can take advantage of our services at one of our many locations across the United States or you can choose our online options. Contact us today to learn more.

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