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Exercise of the week: Sumo Squats

This is a great exercise to work your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Inner thighs…All while challenging your core more than a standard squat!

  • Place your feet wider than you would a squat, outside of your shoulder width is best
  • Your feet will also be more externally rotated than a standard squat, so rotate them out to be pointing at almost a 90 degree angle
  • Keeping your core tight, lower your hips down and back, all while challenging your shoulders to stay upright and not lean forward
  • Pushing through the heels of your feet, return to the starting position to complete the repetition
  • Once you master the technique, challenge yourself by holding something around the house below your waist, like a suitcase or a case of water!
  • You might notice some tightness in the hips with this exercise, and that is normal, especially since we have all been working from home more often lately. Check out this great blog we found regarding hip mobility here:

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Keen to exercise at home but don’t have all the right fitness gear? Don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back! Les Mills Creative Director Kylie Gates shows you how you can improvise with equipment you have around the house.

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