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Blast! Summer Camp 2019

May 28-August 9 | 9AM-4:30PM

Imagine Blast! Camp

Each of these lands yours
to discover, their kingdoms
yours to develop…

Imagine mountains so high the only way to the summit is by hot air balloon. To the east, fields of flowers wave in the soft breeze, butterflies dancing in the air. Travel south to an emerald green ocean so clear that life below the surface is a magical parade of color. And to the north, winter glistens in icy crystals and snow falls in silent greeting.

Blast! camp offers 11 weeks of active fun while exercising your child’s imagination as campers work together to establish their kingdom and experience a world created by unlimited thought and vision. Traveling by hot air balloon (tethered, of course) we’ll ice-skate in the glistening north Outpost, rock climb in the west’s Stone Age gym, slide and splash at the Waterpark to the south and visit the Biopark’s botanic gardens, butterfly pavilion and Bugarium as we experience all the eastern lands have to offer.

Ages 3-12
:: 10% off for each additional sibling
:: $75 non-refundable registration fee/camper

5 Day Campers
Register on or before March 31
Members & non-members | $170/week
Registration on or after April 1
Member $180/week
Non-Member $200/week

3 Day Campers
Member $146/week
Non-Member $170/week

You may register for as many of our 11 weeks as you’d like. You are not locked into sessions. Payments will be taken online with an option to schedule weekly payments or pay in full upon registration.

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Event Dates

May 28-June 7
Hot Air Balloon Rides

North | June 10-21
Ice Skating at Outpost

East | June 24-July 5
Rock Climbing at Stone Age

South | July 8-19
Cliffs Waterpark

West | July 22-August 2
Butterfly Pavilion, Bugarium and Botanic Gardens

August 5-9
Challenge Cup

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