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Blast! Camp 2019-2020

Thank You!

We have had an AMAZING summer with your children! It truly has been one of discovery and imagination as we experienced ice skating in our Northern kingdom, rock climbing to the East, water slides in the South and the beauty of springtime to the West. And despite the winds we were able to travel by hot air balloon to them all!
We thank you for allowing us to spend time this summer with your family. I hope we were able to leave your children with as many happy memories as we take with us. And as one experience comes to end another begins; our Blast! camp staff wishes you all a successful and happy school year. We hope this not goodbye, but see you soon….

We’ll have camp on the following days during the school year. Thank you for registering!
Fall Break
October 10-11
November 25-27 and 29
Winter Break
December 23, 26, 27 and 30
January 2, 3 and 6

Spring Break 2020
March 30 – April 3

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