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We’re honored to help the community safely return and re-engage in their fitness routines. We are excited to see our tennis courts lit up with your energy, the pool water moving with your swim strokes, and your smiles and laughter as you catch up with all of our returning teammates.

Club Hours

Q: What are the club hours?

A: Club hours have been scheduled based on active member usage and additional sanitation needs. We continue to review these hours as the seasons and usage change. The hours of the club are located here.

Temperature Check

Q: Why are you checking temperatures?

A: While we are happy we have the club available for your fitness and wellness, we are demonstrating caution in all of our operations. A fever has been documented as a common symptom of COVID-19 and is something simple to test for without medical associates and without the need for any data collection. The CDC considers a person to have a fever when he or she has a measured temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What is the standard procedure for temperature checks?

A: Members will be greeted while entering the club to have their temperature checked via a touchless digital thermometer.

  • The associate taking your temperature will be wearing proper PPE including mask and gloves
  • The temperature will be ready within seconds
  • Temperatures at or below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit are welcome to proceed with check in.


Q: What does the check-in process look like?

A: In order to ensure safe club capacity and proper distancing upon arrival, we have developed a workout reservation system via our MotionVibe app. Use of the app is required to gain entrance to the club. For instructions on downloading this app, please click here. A few things of note:

  • You must reserve a time block for general club usage
  • Reservations will be made in :30 minute blocks
  • A secondary reservation needs to be made to reserve a swim lane, basketball court, tennis or racquetball court.
  • Spacing for check-in will be marked on the floor to ensure social distancing of six feet apart
  • Hospitality desk associates will confirm your reservation
  • Check-in will be a handled via a touchless system
  • Once your check-in is complete, we request you sanitize your hands before using the club

Cleaning Procedures

Q: What are you doing to make the club clean and safe?

A: We have trained on, and implemented, robust sanitation protocols highlighted below. However, you can find more detail by visiting our Member Safety page.

  • Associates will be required to wear masks and gloves
  • We are asking all members who wish to use the club to commit to member safety
  • Associates will be continuously sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces including equipment with a CDC and EPA certified hospital grade disinfectant
  • Daily use of electrostatic gun technology/disinfectant misters will be implemented to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire club
  • We have increased the availability of sanitizing gel, disinfectant bottles and equipment wipes
  • We have labeled the club floors for distancing and traffic flow

Locker Rooms

Q: Will the locker rooms be available and if so, what changes will be made to ensure the safety of your members?

A: Locker room amenities will be limited at this time due to concerns of these shared items and ability to clean them after each use. Please bring a personal towel at this time. We also look forward to bringing this amenity back in the future. We must keep saunas and steam rooms closed due to mandates and the distancing available in these areas.

Fitness Floor

Q: What changes are being made on the fitness floor to keep members safe?

A: We have implemented the following guidelines on our fitness floor:

  • For your safety, hard to clean, small apparatus (bands, porous mats, foam rollers, etc.) will not be available during this initial phase
  • Personal disinfectant spray bottles and hand towels will be given to all members to clean equipment during workouts
  • Dedicated associates are being added  for increased cleaning of the cardio and weight equipment during prime times.
  • Club associates will be monitoring social distancing guidelines and assisting with equipment sanitation

Q: Will water fountains be available for use?

A: The touchless “bottle fill” option will still be available for your convenience. Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle. If you forgot your water, the Hospitality Desk will have bottled water available for club charge.

Personal Training

Q: What are the enhanced guidelines for a Personal Training session?

A: Guidelines for all training sessions include:

  • Trainer and client will be maintaining proper distancing
  • Member will set up their own equipment per Trainer’s direction. If Trainer assistance is needed for set up, the equipment will be disinfected by the Trainer before the session starts
  • Trainer will assist with all equipment cleaning that is utilized by the member
  • Fitness Desk pens will be sanitized for signing the signature card before and after use
  • Trainers will disinfect computer keyboards before and after each use

Q: Is remote training available for those who don’t feel comfortable coming into the club?

A: Virtual Training is available to all members whether or not you feel comfortable visiting the club and can be scheduled when it is convenient for you! Please click here to provide some brief information for our training team and try it out.


Q: Will the tennis courts be available for use?

A: YES! We ask members to follow the guidelines below for safe tennis play:

  • Singles play is recommended – However, as there are no State or CDC limitations known, if you wish to play doubles we ask that participants wear a glove on their dominant hand to reduce the chance for germ transfer
  • Reservations can be made up two days prior, for up to 90-minutes of play. Note: While the club closes at 6PM on weekdays, the last tennis court booking will be at 6PM for up to 90-minutes of play. After 6PM indoor facilities will only be available with a staff member. Exit after completion of court time will only be through the double gates.
  • Additional tennis best practices can be found here.

Q: What changes will we see in regards to tennis matches, ball machines, and lessons/clinics?


  • Group Clinics will consist of no more than 4 players + Pro
  • Singles and Doubles are available by reservation for 1 ½ hours, up to 48 hours in advance through our MotionVibe App. Click here to download App. You may also download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store.
  • All lessons/clinics will be paid via club charge or credit card only (handled by member). No cash handling
  • We will not be changing ends during play
  • Avoid touching gates and fences. Gates should remain latched
  • All programming needs to factor in social distancing
  • No pre or post game gatherings or socials
  • Tables and chairs/benches around courts will be unavailable to ensure proper distancing

Studio Fitness (Group Exercise, Pilates, Cycling, Yoga, Aquatics)

Q: Will studio classes be available?

A: All of our studios are providing class options. We are happy to inspire you in a socially distanced atmosphere. Check out our in-club, outdoor and H2O classes going on now. Click here to find the perfect class for you. We will continue to expand our schedule as members return.

We are also happy to continue to offer our Virtual Club during this time.


  • Lap swimming is now available. Reserve your lane daily by using our Club App. H2O classes are available as well and can be viewed on our class schedule.


Q: Will your childcare be open?

A: Childcare is available via our MotionVibe reservation system.


Q: Will your Basketball courts be open?

A: Yes! Basketballs are available for check out at the front desk. Please ensure you reserve the court using our club app.


Q: Will your Racquetball/Handball courts be open?

A: Racquetball/Handball courts are open! Please ensure you reserve your court using our club app.


Q: Will you be offering Massage?

A: Massage will not be available in phase one of our reopening.

Dues Billing Process

Now that your club is open, and we have resumed a normal billing cycle, we hope to answer most of your frequently asked questions below:

Q: I am ready to return to the club. What do I need to know?


  • All visits now require a general club usage workout reservation via our club app. Click here for an instructional flyer and videos to help you get started. If those don’t help, contact the Front Desk for personal assistance.
  • Come on in! Bring your mask and be ready for a temperature check. Then, we will be happy to stand with you as we get you all set up for your new online reservation system! The goals are to help keep you accountable for your workout and keep everyone safe.

Q: I am not yet comfortable, physically coming into the club. What are my options?

A1: We are sorry to hear that we haven’t seen you in person yet. We would love to have the opportunity to show you the safety protocols we have put in place to keep you safe, click here to read our member safety protocols or to experience a tour of our new process, click here.

A2: We have also worked hard to build our Outdoor Fitness options and our Virtual Club with instructors from the Wellbridge Family of clubs. Our Outdoor Fitness options can be found on our class schedule , or to participate in our virtual fitness options check out our Virtual Club. These are exclusively available to our members at this time.

Q: Thank you for all the safety protocols, outdoor fitness and virtual options. However, I would like to change my membership status at this time. What are my options:

A1: Leave of Absence (LOA)

We are able to offer you a Leave of Absence for $20 per month, until December 31, 2020. This gives you:

  • The opportunity to retain your membership dues rate
  • Saves you from paying an enrollment fee upon your return
  • Keeps you connected to changes and updates in the club and our offerings and protocols
  • Keeps your account on hold for a greater period of time then our normal procedures permit.

Please email with your club name, first and last name and either your membership number or date of birth along with the month you wish to re-start. Our Membership Accounting team will follow the below practices when putting your membership on hold:

  • Members may go on leave of absence for up to 6 months in one 12-month period
  • An LOA will extend any membership in a 12-month commitment by the number of months the membership is placed on LOA status
  • Members may not terminate their membership off of  LOA
  • A member must resume as a dues paying member for at least one month before membership cancellation can be processed. See below terms of cancellation as applicable
  • If your leave is due to a medical or military reasons, we will waive the monthly fee when supporting documentation is provided

A2: Membership Cancellation

Of course, we would be sorry to see you leave our family, but we respect your choice and concerns at this time. Please email with your club name, first and last name and either your membership number or date of birth with your request to cancel your membership.

Please note the following regarding our cancellation procedures:

  • Per your membership agreement, we require one month’s written notice. (Cancellation is effective the 1st of the month following 30 days notice. For example, if you cancel July 31st, your cancellation is effective September  1st. Cancellation submitted on August 2nd is effective October 1.)
  • Cancellation request can be provided via:
    • First class mail (Certified with Return Receipt Recommended)
    • Personal delivery of cancelation form at the club (Obtaining a copy from Club Personnel Recommended)
    • Facsimile transmission of cancellation form to 303.813.4197
    • Email to
  • Member must pay any amount due on the account as of the cancellation date, on or before the effective date.
  • Those who have signed on an Extended Plan agreement are subject to the terms of the agreement and are responsible for the balance of remaining dues.
  • In honor of those who were able to support the clubs during the temporary shutdown, we will honor those dues payments as final payment to the above practices. Thank you for your support.

Reason to smile! According to the CDC, you have the option to exercise mask free