getting back to the gym

Gyms Are Safe

There has never been a more critical time to make your collective health a top priority.

During our temporary closure, we teamed up with domestic and international industry leaders to assemble, train and implement new procedures that not only keep you safe, but still give you an incredible club experience.

Let’s do this. Together!

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  • Exercise as part of cancer treatment

    By Monique Tello, MD, MPH – Harvard Health Publishing Contributor In a first, a national cancer organization has issued formal guidelines recommending exercise as part...

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  • Fitness centers are part of the COVID-19 solution

    By Dr. Richard H. Carmona – Washington Times The rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant has led to a spike in cases averaging more...

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  • Choosing the Right Workouts for Your Body Type

    The human body comes in many shapes and sizes. So whether you naturally have a pear-shaped body, apple-shaped body, thin frame, or hourglass figure, you...

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  • Benefits of Group Workouts

    Are you looking for ways to up the ante on your workouts? If you currently exercise solo, now could be a great time to consider...

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  • How to Achieve Tones Arms

    Are your arms not looking as toned as you would like? The trick to shedding arm fat fast is to do compound movements that recruit...

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