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Member Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I seeing on my April Bill?

A: Membership monthly dues – We have been working diligently to contact every member to give them updates on the club as well as their billing choices. If your payment has come as a surprise, we sincerely apologize; it is likely that we do not have a valid way of contacting you with updates. We’re happy to help though. Click here to review the Billing Letter and then fill out the Temporary closure billing selection form.

A: Personal Training – For April billing you were charged for March’s pro-rated amount of your personal training agreement through the date of temporary club closure. You will not lose any unused, purchased sessions due to the closure.

A: In-Club products or services that I charged/used before the temporary closure

• For one-time events (e.g., spring break camp, specialty fitness classes, etc), we will provide refunds to impacted members for events that will not happen while the club is temporarily closed.

• For recurring services that have already been processed (e.g., swim lessons, pre-school, tennis lessons, etc.), we will provide credits that can be applied against future charges on your membership account. The credits will be commensurate with days you are not able to access the program due to temporary club closure.

• For recurring services that have not yet been provided, we will temporarily suspend billing until your club reopens.

Q: Can I put my membership on hold during this temporary closure?
A: Yes. If you still wish to place your membership on hold, please click here to make your selection.

Q: If I pay 50% or 100%, do I get credit for those dues in the future?
A: The dues amount being paid are voluntary and optional. Your contribution will support teammates and their club during this challenging time. The Club looks to provide Virtual Fitness to keep you active and healthy however we are happy to provide it whether you are able to contribute or not. Your contribution will not be credited towards future dues. We appreciate any support you can provide, but we understand if you are not in a position to do so.

Q: How will you handle my March membership dues as the club was temporarily closed mid-March?
A: The March dues credit will be available to be applied towards future membership dues on the first billing month after the club re-opens.

Q: How are you helping your staff during this time?
A: While it was a heartbreaking decision, in order to assure a healthy business for our team to come back to, we had to furlough most team members. However, in keeping them as active employees we have, so far, been able to continue covering associates’ benefits and paid vacation. As we continue to receive member support during our temporary closure we will first look to continue these coverages and expand our opportunity to put teammates back to work as quickly as possible.

Q: Can you please provide virtual training from the Clubs amazing instructors/trainers?
A: While our team is on furlough we cannot consolidate their content. However, with your continued support we see that as one of the first avenues we can re-start to get them back working and, you, enjoying your favorite instructors. Thank you for your patience while we figure out how we might be able to do this and be a healthy business for everyone to come back to.

Q: Is the government helping?
A: We are currently working through the CARES relief bill. At this time it does appear to add additional support to our associates.

Q: When will the club re-open?
A: We will continue to take direction from federal, state and local authorities regarding our ability to re-open your club. Through your support and engagement, we look forward to opening as soon as we are given the ability to do so.

Q: How can I use my membership while the club is closed? (aka Home Workouts)
A: We highly recommend you continue to make exercise part of your daily routine not only for your physical health but also your mental health. Therefore, we have a small but specialized team working to ensure you have quality and effective home workouts during this time. Our Virtual Club is now available and will continue to be updated; check back frequently

Q: How will you communicate future updates to members?
A: If you are not already receiving email from us please provide that information here.
We will also continue to update our website and Club App. Our Club App has also been updated with a virtual schedule during this time.

Q: Why am I not receiving e-mails?
A: Click here to add your e-mail address to your membership account for future correspondence. If you have already provided that to us please update your email preferences using the form here.

Q: How do I create my online account?
A: On the website, click on “Member Login”. From there, you will be prompted to create your account. You will need your membership number and the phone number we have associated with your account. If you do not know that information please request it here.