Passport to Fitness

Let’s take a little trip. As a participant in our Passport to Fitness program you can experience lots of perks, exclusive events, the chance to earn cool prizes, and be entered to win a trip to Las Vegas. Then there’s fitness!

Joining us on this little in-club journey shows you understand the benefits of being healthy. It’s the first step to less stress, better sleep, a sharper mind, more productivity and fewer sick days.

But “Programs,” you say? Yes, programs. First up is Passport to Fitness. You’re invited to participate March 10-24 and enjoy complimentary access to our club. Then the fun begins:

Points for Daily Usage
Earn Prizes
Bonus Point opportunities
Grand Prize trip to Las Vegas

After you’ve won that fabulous getaway and return from Vegas, you can also look forward to our Anniversary Celebration, 21 Day Fitness Challenge, our “A Taste Of” event, and our Holiday Party.

Who’s ready to have their passport stamped?

Contact a Membership Representative for more details or to get your company moving today.