personal training in Denver, CO

Personal Training in Denver

Colorado Athletic Club – Union Station

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Personal Trainers in Denver

There is no one-size-fits-all process to personal training. Find your ideal methodology at Colorado Athletic Club-Union Station. From individual and group training to countless classes led by elite, certified and fun instructors, you’ll be poised to crush your goals, make friends and break a sweat. Are you ready?

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Personal Training for All

Individual Training

  • Our friendly, approachable fitness experts focus on you and your goals
  • Training for a race? Recovering from an injury? Our staff is here to support you and keep you motivated
  • One-on-one relationships build the trust and confidence needed to achieve your goals

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Group Training

  • Experience what makes our expert coaches best-in-class by jumping into one of our intimate group sessions
  • There’s strength in numbers and training with friends both new and old is rewarding and inspiring
  • Find classes for flexibility, agility, cardio and much more

Fitness Programs

  • With our fitness programs, you can learn new, proven techniques without having to go to a specialized gym
  • Learn how to use kettlebells with our high-energy trainers
  • In Insanity, sweat it out and build muscle
  • Mix it up with kickboxing or Barre
  • We also offer cycling, Pilates, yoga and core conditioning

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